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12 Oct

My favorite machine at the Y (as us hip people call the YMCA) is this stair-stepper/eliptical hybrid thingy.  I fell in love when I literally burned 100 calories in 5 min.  No exaggeration.  I get so bored on the treadmills and bicycles.  Running and peddling in place for hours or miles sucks.  I begin to play with the resistance, hills, and speed almost immediately.  Even music can’t save the workout.  The faster I can get off these machines, the better, I say.

This one kicked my a$$.  Really, my bum and theighs were on fire when I was finished with my 5 min run/climb.  I like that it gives time since beginning, distance, calories/time, duration, and several programs to pick from.  I like even more the resistance is easy to set.  Also, there is a stride-meter that lights up depending on the length of your stride and shows what muscles you are working for each length of step.  This cardio is awesome!

I have been talking it up, and today I finally tried to figure out what the thing is called and who makes it.  NordicTrak FreeStrider.  Get on one–you won’t have to be on it long, but the benefits are huge.

Today, I completed three miles in less than 30 minutes and burned over 230 calories.  I was sweating so much, and winded to such an extent at the end that I don’t remember the actual numbers.  But it was GOOD.  The legs are jello.