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How to Analyze an Argument, GRE Style

14 Oct

Ferret Out Conclusion in an Argument:

1.  Conclusion= You should eat veggies regularly to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Why?  A diet low in saturated fat reduces risk of heart disease, and veggies are low in saturated fats.


A.  Veggies are the only thing low in saturated fats.

a.  all types of veggies are low in saturated fat.

B.  Low saturated fat is the only way to reduce risk of heart disease.

2.  Conclusion= Mandatory seat belt use will reduce auto fatalities.

Why?  State X requires seat belts and they have one of the lowest auto fatality rates.


A.  Seat belt use is the only reason state X has lower auto fatalities.

a.  All other laws in state X are the same to other states.

B. State X has the same amount of traffic as other states.

b1. state X has the same road maintenance as other states.

b2. State X has the same weather as other states.

3.  Conclusion=Imposing stress management programs would reduce the stress during evening rush hour and as a result, reduce car accidents at that time.

Why?  Studies show most car accidents occur during the evening rush hour when people are stressed and in a hurry to get home from work.


A.  All drivers during rush hour are coming home from work.

B.  All accidents occur because people are stressed to get home.

C.  Stress management programs would be effective at diminishing stress and it’s negative consequence of causing car accidents.