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Women’s Sports Are Still Last. What Year Is It???

17 Oct

My e-mail to the Seattle Storm Website and

Category: Suggestion

Message: I am pretty concerned and frustrated that you do not carry Seattle Storm

merch.  The Storm is JUST as much a Seattle sports team as

anyone else, and I know a lot of people who would love to support them.  Selling

antiquated Supersonics logos when Seattle no longer even has

an NBA team, but not Storm gear is a slap in the face to our WNBA Western Conference Champions!

And the response I promptly received the next day:

Re: Contact Form – Suggestion


We certainly understand your frustration with the lack of Storm merchandise in our product line.  We do, in fact, have WNBA Champions tees and hats on order in the event of a win.  We looked into Western Conference Champions gear, but with the short window between the Conference Finals and WNBA Finals, the product would not have been able to get here soon enough.

With regard to Storm product in general, we investigate it at certain intervals with the manufacturer (Reebok) but they generally do not stock WNBA merchandise in their warehouse meaning that pretty much any order would be a custom run and subject to prohibitively exorbitant minimum order quantities that need to be met in order for the item to be produced.  Hopefully another title under our belts *fingers crossed*, will trigger a shift on the vendor side of things that will render us more capable of adding a line of Storm product.  We also would love to carry but also have run into problems ordering for teams like the Thunderbirds, Silvertips, the USL incarnation of the Sounders, etc.

Again, we appreciate your concern and will continue to work toward a situation that allows us to carry Storm product.  If you would like, I can send you an email to alert you as soon as the Storm WNBA Championship gear is available on the website!

Nathan Seaman Senior Manager Design, Marketing & Technology JAS Sports Inc | | | | Phone | 206.547.6007 Email | Snail Mail | 5315 4th Avenue South | Seattle, WA 98108

My letter to Reebok:

I thought the problem was with the stores, but never expected Reebok was behind the dearth of WNBA products.  I am appalled that a premier brand–one that markets their products to women and promotes a positive female image–wouldn’t deem the MOST successful women’s professional sports franchise in the WORLD worthy of your warehouse.  Fans are clamoring to buy WNBA merchandise and your corporation needs to offer it to stores so we can buy it!  Please let me know what you are going to do to correct this oversight.



I received no response, and nothing has changed. . .