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Non-Professional Sports as Work?

18 Oct

-I love Sports

–participated in sports during school

—show and competitive clogging from 2nd-10th grades

—from 7th grade up school sports

—awarded Presidential Physical Fitness as freshmen

—11 of 12 sports in HS

—Varsity letters/pins 8(?) times

—captain 5 times

—good placement in pole vault

—co-ed softball champions at UNR

-Sports taught me important life lessons





–losing gracefully

–making and accomplishing a goal

-Am concerned about health in America

–obesity problem

—especially in kids

–diabetes runs in my family

-Have a strong science background

–pre-vet classes

—A in Physics II and biochem

—chem minor

–work in hospital setting

—evaluated lameness in animals (horses especially)

-Work with People/Communication

–from previous career blog entries

Editor:/Publishing:/Author (as impractical dream career):

18 Oct

-I love words!

–I took Veterinary Terminology after graduation just because I was interested in learning new words.

–so much, that I studied every last card in my GRE vocab flashcard box


-I enjoy writing and do it for fun

–English was always my favorite subject in school

—I wrote my own news magazine in 4th grade

—it came naturally to me

–I was in honors English

–I always got As in English and writing courses

–I have my own blog

–I am writing my own book series based on true events


-I am disciplined

–My work history shows I am self motivated, able to work unattended, and dependable

–Veterinary medicine taught me to be detail oriented

–I know the importance of organization

–I realize the importance of record keeping

—charting in veterinary setting

—I did the cheer and pre-vet scrapbooks


-I have diverse interests

–I love to read non-fiction

—women’s studies interest me

—conspiracy and controversy interest me

–I got A’s in my writing intensive college courses

—animal science technical writing

—ethics in animal/veterinary science


-I believe in the power of good and clear communication

–bring up the audiology stuff from last blog.

Audiology: Why I’d Be Great

18 Oct

-My Dad has hearing loss

–one of my earliest memories is grocery shopping while he struggled to hear

—I was simultaneously embarrassed and motivated to help him

-I am practiced at nonverbal communication

–I have worked with animals my whole life, and “reading” them is a requirement

–high volume vet clinic taught me to quickly evaluate and work with different temperaments.

—I have worked with cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, primates, birds, rodents, and reptiles

—-each species and individual has a different way of communicating

—-I can easily become attuned to most styles

—noting aggression before it occurs

—seeing if a pet is scared

—noticing pain when they can’t tell you

—looking for signs of health/behavioral/comfort issues

-I have compassion for working with people with disabilities

–again, my work with animals proves this

–I also donated my eggs to infertile couples

-I am capable to working with the public/people

–communicate to crowd through clogging performances

–taught clogging to all age groups

–convey crowd control, motivate players, and show school spirit during cheerleading

–cheerleading youth camps

–volunteered at elementary Christmas party for 2 years

–volunteered at Senior Citizens Prom for 3 years.

–I got an A+ in my college speech communication class

–I volunteered with LGBT youth and other organizations

–I talk to owners about their pets when I take vitals/history/phone calls

-As in vet med, I like to have a different kind of day all the time

–this is good for working with youth, hearing deficit, and senior citizens

Buying a Car: Checklist

18 Oct

How many miles?
front wheel drive?
how many miles/gallon?
# doors?

look up blue book value
check safety on consumer reports
does it pass inspection? When?
check how many ads on CL–>to see how desperate and prices

CarFacts? ($35)
get the VIN from the owner to look up history
has it ever been in an accident?
clean title–no liens?

Any smoking in it-ever?
what kind of tires and how old?
when do tabs expire?

*4 wheel drive
CD player/ipod connector
cigarette lighter or 2
cup holders
cruise control
heated seats

Jeep Cherokee
Ford Ranger
Isuzu Rodeo
–change air filter for better gas milage ($200?)
–engine notoriously ticks harmlessly
Geo Tracker

Actual Purchase:
Pay cash that day
have owner fill out a bill of sale [download from WA DMV website]
completed Odometer Disclosure Statement signed by the buyer and seller
emissions certificate
get the title of the vehicle (with former owner’s release signature)
must transfer the title w/in 15 days of purchase

put title in my name = $25
VIN verification = $15
WA registration = $45
emissions = $15