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Foodie Wannabe: Careers that Deal with Eating

20 Oct

Eating is one of my favorite things ever!  It seems, that is where the majority of my money goes.  So it would make perfect sense to work with food for a living.  Here are the food-related careers.  A lot of them are very similar.  Some focus more on food for enjoyment.  Others are more human nutrition and health based.  A couple go to the root and focus on food production and agriculture.  I think my interests and attributes for all are closely related so they are all on the same page.

Molecular Gastronomy/Culinology:/Chef (baker):

Dietetics:/Human Nutrition:

Agricultural Science:/Food Science:

-I love to eat!

–for fun, I eat at restaurants

–most of my money ends up being spent on food

–my mate and I adore cooking together

-I already know about the production/animal side of food

–my bachelor’s degree is in Animal Science

–I have worked with many food animals in research/veterinary settings

—dairy cattle




–I have volunteered my time to gain exposure to livestock

—Went to 2 different hog farms

–I have already worked undesirable (to most) service hours

—milking shifts at 4 AM and 4 PM

—research data collection every 4 hours around the clock

—weekends and holidays at high volume companion animal boarding

—12 hour shifts at emergency hospital

-I am prepared for a food career

–I got honorable mention in a state-wide science fair in 4th grade for growing different crystals using minerals found in the kitchen

–worked at Campus Dining Services my first year of college

–have a chemistry minor

—got an A in biochem

—took animal nutrition, dairy/beef production, hog production

—had animal labs on different food species

—I did an ergovaline feeding trial with rodents

—I have measured and calculated the daily feed intake of dairy cattle

–I am competitive and strive to improve myself

-My interest in food issues has been long term

–One of my life goals since I was little was to publish a beverage cookbook

–I published my own fundraising cookbook, and sold over 200 of them

–I try to read everything Marion Nestle’ writes

–one of my favorite TV shows is Top Chef

–I have diabetes in my family

–I have had friends with disordered eating

-I have worked with people successfully

–from prior career blogs