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Motivation for Audiology

23 Oct

Every weekend of my childhood, my dad and I would go do the grocery shopping while my mom stayed home correcting papers, filling out report cards, or writing lesson plans.  It was our special time together.  We would drive the 30 minutes into “town” and my dad would grab a shopping cart only to “forget” it after the first stop.  I ALWAYS ended up being conned into pushing the shopping cart!  We would place the least costly brands into the cart according to what our list dictated.  This took awhile, as my dad is thrifty.

We went to a few stores, but the check-out process at each was always the same.  The friendly cashier would be pleased to see a father-daughter duo obviously enjoying each other’s company.  Maybe she would recognize us from weekends past and smile.  My dad would proudly say “This is my good helper-girl.”  It was a real heart-felt moment for the gals working the weekend shift probably encountering more tantrums and screaming than helpfulness and genuine affection.  Then, the part I hated would arrive.  She would read out the total.  I didn’t hate this part because we couldn’t afford the items she had scanned, or even because my dad fussed at the price.  Neither of those things ever occurred.  What did happen was my Dad’s inevitable, “What?”  The checker would repeat the number, and I would be so embarrassed, knowing what was to come.  My dad still didn’t hear what amount he should write on his check.  My face would flush, and the poor cashier, desperate to get her lines moving, would eventually just turn the written numbers toward my dad so he could see his total for himself.  It is from that mortification that I felt, that I want to help people with hearing loss.  My compassion for my beloved dad motivates me to help others like him.