Ideas of Fun

24 Oct


paint (animal anatomy-LL) 


play cards

cook a new meal (bananas foster, banana boats, spicy mangos)

go for a walk

 Go to the Y (take a class; climb the wall; new YMCA location

run around community college track

go to a bookstore

go somewhere and take photos

walk through Manito Park 

edit pics

do scrapbooks

read Indian/Elements/humor/etc books aloud to each other

do the microwave timed topic game of listing things

pack an actual pic-nic and take it to a park to eat

take a frisbee to the park

make a song together

write & illustrate our children’s book about frisk, frolic, rolic, and romp?

go to the painted caves


 feed the birds at Riverfront Park

go to a thrift store

make Christmas presents

design and purchase a cat tree

go camping

go see the big cats w/Aunt Linda

go to the food fests

go kiyaking


go to The German 

go to The Gorge

check out Pullman

drive to MT

see a concert

go to a Gonzaga game

drive to Seattle (and go to butterfly lounge)

go to Nevada (for NV Day or balloon races)


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