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Through Rose Colored Glasses

27 Oct



I used to watch the Roseanne show (who didn’t?) but never knew what a feminist she was.  What I knew was that America was ready for a more realistic portrayal of family.  Roseanne showed a blue collar working family, complete with harried mother, non-perfect children, and plenty of drama.  It was ground-breaking because it was real.  No one was rich.  Everyone worked–and they actually showed them toiling.  The kids could be brats.

I even realized later that the first lesbian kiss shown on television was not on Ellen’s famous Puppy Episode–it was on Roseanne!  Though, I thought the impact was tinged with a little negativity because creepy-coked-out Tom Arnold, co-producer and Roseanne’s husband at the time, probably just wanted to get his rocks off.  At any rate, it was a real step.

Whoever wrote the above article did just a fantastic job of humanizing AND dare I say it, making Roseanne Barr likable.  With her big body and big opinions–this is no small feat.  She had some pretty bad behavior back in the day.  Bad choices, bad language and quotes, and bad press.  But I really came away from the piece with respect for the gal.  It’s easy to forget that any steps women have made in Hollywood are hard-fought.  But I’m glad Roseanne scratched and clawed as she did to get the show on the air, keep it female-positive, and show legit women.