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MY hospital [Part 1: Record Keeping]

28 Oct

-have physical files!

-prep files the day before

-have new clients fill out a welcome page with all info

-type owner’s basic info in the chart

-type all owner names on stickers and put on chart

-use color stickers for first 2 letters of owner last name on chart

-use different color papers for each species/sex

-put pet’s basic info on every page of chart

-tape tabs (to differentiate pets) to the inside of charts before putting papers in

-use exam checklist sticker in files

-put vaccine stickers in the margin of files

-Consider having a different vax/dental pages to keep chart organized and neat

-have techs put together estimates (on typed sheet) for costly and multiple procedures-keep in file

-keep labs, glucose curve, drawings, etc. . .

-have hanging space near exam room doors to put impending appt files.