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MY Vet Hospital [Part 3: The Kind of Vet I Want to Be]

30 Oct

“What you dislike in another, take care to correct in yourself.”

-greet each employee every morning

-be accessible to all staff

-encourage questions and communication–don’t treat others stupid

-foster a supportive, team-oriented, environment–>lots of encouragement & praise

-don’t ask staff to do things I would be unwilling to do.

-say thank you, good job, when things are done well, and at the end of good days.

-introduce yourself to each client

-greet clients warmly before exams

-write some sort of fact about client on record for more personable experience

-tell clients what you are doing as you go

-explain WHY you are presenting the options you are

-as a vet make sure never to casually tell clients to “just drop by.” Emphasize appt.

-Also never say we have same day appointments–give realistic time frame

-Vets should know their own speed & limitations & accommodate the schedule/procedures accordingly

-do not schedule O appt/sx!  Send the people to receptionist who know the schedule better

-do NOT tack on an extra sx for next day!  Give receptionist time frame and have them fit it in where it makes sense.

-vet initials all rx that go out the door

-double check each estimate before client receives it

-as a vet, make sure to tell staff what was told to the client immediately–client should never know what’s happening more than the staff

-As P is being hospitalized, state entire plan of diagnostics/meds/tx (including specific timetables) to techs.

-draw out glucose curve for owner

-when fixing a snagged nail/dew claw, put lidocane on paper towel and soak first. It constricts vessels and numbs the area.

-vet personally call and check on really sick animals/complicated surgeries

-don’t bring own animals to work; Not even if they stay with you (the vet)—still have to be taken outside and are still underfoot