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Vet School Interview (Ergovaline Feed Trials)

30 Nov

Endophyte proctects fescue from insects. 

Endophyte-infected fescue can cause fescue toxocosis in livestock.

A number of ergopeptine and related alkaloids are produced by the fungus which may, individually or in combination, contribute to these toxicoses.

Ergovaline is the most predominate ergopeptine alkaloid, and is present in the fescue.

Ergovaline, impairs performance by:

–decreasing appetite and growth

–inhibiting reproduction

–decreasing heat regulation by vasoconstriction

Feed intake was identical between ergovaline supplemented group and control.

Rodent weight was greater in control groups, suggesting the nutrients were utilized differently.

Lack of a commercial source of ergovaline and related intermediates has impeded toxicity studies.

Isolation, purification and testing in the bovine remain to be accomplished.

Family Secrets, Half Stories, and Partial Truths (Part Ein)

29 Nov

Grandpa George was cook at 6–beat (pretty badly) by Starkle (of rich potato farmer status).

Grandpa changed his last name for some scandalous reason.  Kune changed his to get into the service.

His 3 Starkle bros sent him to Warm Springs.

Also, he was an alke that made his 2 youngest children wait on a bench when he went to the bar.  

G-pa signed house over, and was gone when my dad came home from service.  Grandma, apparently was seen getting cozy with Vic, one of grandpa’s brothers.  Aunt Gloria says she saw them on the couch making out.  Uncle Richard’s parentage is a question on account of this.  according to dad, gloria didn’t like george.

Auntie Aileen’s first husband was a letch who hit on grandma.  Oh, and Auntie Shirley called grandma a “loose” groupie after she left her sisters.

Grandma was preg before marriage to george.

Nothing Cool About This

28 Nov

You just have to weed out the toxic.  I better practice what I preach so I wrote an angry letter to one of the strongest influences in my life:

Guess who subscribed to my updates without messaging me or friend requesting me??? Mary. Guess she didn’t realize Facebook gives me an e-mail alerting me of Facebook stalkers. I think it’s gross that she was curious about what I was doing without wanting to make a connection with me. I just blocked her, b/c I do not need toxic people in my life.

And on that same note: Did you delete my happy birthday message from your wall? And disregard my last message? I can only do so much to reach out to you and overlook so much, before you begin bringing me down. I want you in my life–but not if you bring me more sadness and negativity then positive influence.

I am only speaking so freely b/c I am tipsy, but obviously it needs saying. Honestly, just delete me all-together if you’re not actually my friend. I am tired of drama. I am tired of getting my hopes up that you are solid and that you are back in my life. B/c you meant a great deal to me in the past, I have given you more chances then most. I hope you come around, but am tired of dealing if you haven’t. If you can’t be in my life for real–responding to contact and telling me what’s going on with you–then don’t be in it at all. It hurts too much. Either be in my life–or don’t contact me again. I’ll probably regret this, but I’m sending. . .

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The Plan

27 Nov

My Goals:

Prepare for Vet Interview
–read current events
–have books and interests ready
–go over app
–go over MU interview Q&A
–visit Pullman

Get AuD applications in
–organize deadlines
–work on essay
–req transcripts
–req GRE scores
–req/edit letters of recommendation
–observe in field
–read Audiology book
–take a class to prepare

Get ready for a Triathlon
–make a gym schedule
–find all supplies for race
–stick to workout sched

Black Sox and the NBA

26 Nov



I read about how the NBA finally settled their financial dispute and will start their season on Christmas.  What an ironic day.  But before you judge the players as greedy (which of course they are, but with good reason) and lose interest b/c of the money, read about The Black Sox. There are plenty of books about their scandal and plight.  If you don’t know, they were the baseball team that threw the game for gamblers.

Those guys, back in the depression era were barely making enough money to feed their families.  They had restrictive schedules and many hard-core rules to adhere to.  While the fat-cat owners were living high on the hog.  Even the gamblers (with their swindling and graft) were making boat-loads more money then the professional players the fans were paying to see.  It’s no one the players committed a desperate act.  That blemished history, and began the tarnish on America’s formerly beloved sport of baseball.

The NBA players are hardly starving.  Yes, the players make more money then most people do in a lifetime. Their figures are wildly inflated and scary. As are actors, directors, and celebrities of all kinds.  I am not saying they need more money.  But we’re talking about percentages here.  Don’t think of it as having to make MORE money to give the greedy guys a bigger paycheck.  Think of this as them fighting for what percentage of the money they are already bringing in.  In the past, owners made for an example, 98% of money fans paid to watch the games, while the players got just 2%.  Is that fair?  I don’t think so.  So now the players will get about half.  I think that is acceptable.

But, but but–do you have any idea how much team owners make? They easily make time times the amount the players (doing all the work) garner. The players are at least earning that income by attending practice, a rigorous game schedule, and maintinging their bodies during the off-season. After some overhead costs, owners are just raking in the dough–that the players are bringing in. So it really is fair the people doing the work, bringing in those fans.

Black Friday, Black Heart

25 Nov

I think the human condition is ugly much of the time.

Instead of appreciating togetherness and family and remembering how the Native Americans did not let the immigrants starve, many people are focused on going out to the stores. They feel justified.  I suppose people will always find a way to justify their thoughtless, negative behavior.  There is no convincing those set to shop, that they might be hurting someone else. They say people should be thankful they have a job. Is that the kind of country we want to be? Making the little guy leave their own family dinner early, forgo alcohol, to staff retail? So the greedy can push and shove and spend money they don’t have. So the corporate heads can make boat-loads of money in one 24 hour period.

I work in the service industry too.  On one hand, I’m glad I have my job, and have planned my life around it.  I know I don’t get weekends or holidays off, but in turn, I get days during the week off.  I hate the general public, so I like my schedule.  I can avoid crowds at the grocery story, coin-op laundry, and the gym.  Emergency workers, health care, military, restaurant employees–all have to work weekends and holidays.  But that still doesn’t make Black Friday right.

Black Friday is about crowds, pushing, lines.  Getting deals.  Fighting for items.  Greed.  Greed!  There are already a bunch of stories about pepper spray in the Wal-Mart, long lines, and shoving matches between strangers.  When they say they are shopping to prepare for the holidays.  Which are supposed to be about love, togetherness, forgiveness. . .  It’s wrong.

I suggest we remember the foundations of our country, and what the holiday season really means. The Thanksgiving is about Indians sharing. Christmas is the birth of Jesus. To pervert these holidays and turn them into capitalist, greedy things that subvert the lower class is sad.

I will be going to work today.  I hope no one wrecks me on the roads in their zeal to get to the store faster.  And I hope rather than gathering at the vet, people go home and celebrate Family Day–because that’s why most people are off work today.

Possible Audiology Transitions

24 Nov

My compassion for my beloved dad motivates me to help others like him.

Transition 1:

Growing up, I had no idea audiology existed.  Like most little girls, I was determined to be a veterinarian and work with animals.  Unknowingly, I was honing my communication skills especially non-verbal ones as my career trajectory led me toward veterinary medicine.  In my current job as an animal assistant at a feline exclusive veterinary hospital, I have to quickly asses cat temperaments so I can collect vitals and help with medical procedures.

Transition 2:

[switch vet and Dad around]

“Hiss!”  My mind was quickly brought back to the present.

Transition 3:

Audiology is centered in skilled communication, which is why it was such a clear option for me from veterinary medicine.

Transition 4:

Life has a way of meandering and despite this clear indication of what I might be able to do in audiology realms  I positioned myself for veterinary medicine.

Transition 5:

[switch Dad and Vet]

I found I had more interest in the human side of things, and wanted to get back to helping people like my father.

The owners set the green cat carrier on the exam table and I announced I would be taking some vitals, in a cheery voice.

Out of Control Shopping

23 Nov

Shopping starts on Thanksgiving now???  I am appalled.  I think it’s disgusting that we are such a capitalist nation that we ruin a nice “family day” by making it superficial Black Friday, (biggest shopping day of the year).  And now we trample on one of the largest holidays?  In the name of spending money? Who exactly wins in this scenario of constant consumerism and shopping?

Not the poor employees of Walmart, Target, Toy R Us, Best Buy, Kohls, and Macy’s.  That’s for sure.  Many of those stores are not even paying holiday pay.  Think about that when you’re selfishly shopping for deals.  A mindful consumer will boycott Thanksgiving hours, think twice before taking part in the ugly Black Frida, and remember how these stores treat their workers every day.  Sometimes cheap prices aren’t cheap for everyone.  People are suffering the consequences of your spectacular deals.

This sort of reminds me of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” which accuses capitalism of ruining the family–among other things.   The guy has a point, look where we are:  The stores want to make money.  They know the people want greater availability.  Expanding hours is seen as covenant and pro-business in a downtrodden economy.  All at the expense of the lower classes who have to forgo holiday tradition to serve elite customers.  It doesn’t seem right that service workers, retailers, and restaurant employees have to work the weekends, but leave dinner early or miss it all-together.  The little guy gets stepped on. . .  Again.

Do you really need all those material items?  Should you spend so much money on one holiday?  I find it troubling that we are so quick to forget the true meaning of holidays.  I would say all holidays have been perverted to some extent.  Skewed to make money for someone.  Memorial Day–is now a three day weekend for buying BBQ items.  Easter–Egg hunts, chocolate, and gift baskets have nothing to do with the resurrection.  Valentine’s Day–expose the loved and the lonely to get the superficial gifts a-flying.  And Christmas is the worst.

I plead, that before you gorge on Christmas shopping instead of turkey, that you think of who else is affected.  And what these holidays are really supposed to be about.,0,3635522.story


Pathetic Stalking

22 Nov

I’m checking my e-mail this morning, and what name from my past do I see?  I got some Facebook confirmation that Mary Minor has subscribed to my public updates!!!  What in the world?  So this confirms a couple of things.

1:  She must be really fucking stupid to subscribe to my Facebook, because, hello–it TELLS me.

2:  I really, really thought about writing her a little message saying I was on to her games, and didn’t want her in any part of my life.  I simply couldn’t find a place to send a Facebook message on her profile, and didn’t want to get the e-mails involved, so took care of the situation by simply blocking her.  Now it’s like we don’t exsist to each other on Facebook–which is probably for the best.

2.5:  I’m not certain what her intentions were.  Probably just curiosity, but maybe she feels bad?  Nah, she’s too cold-hearted.  She was probably just scoping out what I’m up to so she can talk trash and try to ruin things.

3:  She is thinking about me, lonely enough to be Facebook-stalking me, and pathetic enough to get caught at it.


Has this been more then 2 years ago?!  I just read this again, and was reminded just how lame this whole drama is was.  I’m sure she’s all-over this blog (eat your heart out) so here’s a little message from me to you, Mary:  You fucking selfish a$$hole, I did not deserve any of that–you’ll get yours.  I hope you’re as lonely and unhappy as you deserve to be.  If I sound angry, it’s because I am.  Your betrayals made me lose (more) trust in people and a large degree of my loyalty.

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Prepare for Veterinary Interview (vax protocols)

21 Nov

1.  Vax Protocal:


primary= rabies and DHPP

(distemper, hepatitis or adenovirus, parinfluenza, parvovirus)

secondary = bordetella, Leptospirosis, corona-virus, coccidia, rattlesnake, west nile virus

start DHPP at 6-8 weeks of age.  Booster every 3-4 weeks until 12-16 weeks of age.  Rabies can be given at 12-16 weeks (preferably 16 weeks).  Vax as instructed by manufacturer for optional vaccines.


Primary= Rabies and FVRCP

(Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis or upper respiratory or herpes, Calicivirus, panleukopenia or feline parvovirus)

secondary= FeLv or leukemia

Give FVRCP at 8-9 weeks of age.  Booster every 3-4 weeks until 12-16 weeks.  Rabies can be given 12-16 weeks of age-preferably 16 weeks.  FeLv needs one booster in 3-4 weeks.


8                                      12                                       16

DHPP/FVRCP               DHPP/FVRCP                DHPP/FVRCP

bord/feLv                        bord/feLv


-If H.S./breeder starts early, more vx given every 3-4 wks until 12-16 weeks of age

-the exact weeks can be off a little, just booster Q3-4 wks apart

-rabies OK 12-16 wks, later is better

Other Species Vax:

equine- rabies

-Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and Coggins Test

-Equine Herpesvirus=vax Q6 mo (Equine Rhinonemonitis caused by Herpes Type 1 and 4)

-Equine Influenza vax x3 inj

-Equine Viral Arteritis = stallions get live vax; mare get killed vax

-West Nile Virus

bovine-(inactivated) rabies vax yrly

-bovine coronavirus–vax dam mid-late gestation; ensure colostrum

-bovine adenovirus–ensure colostrum; killed or live vax 2-3 wks before stressful moves

-bovine herpesvirus–vax 3-4 mo then in 3 wks booster with inactivated.

-bovine viral dirrhoea virus–environmental control and testing are best prevention.

–Maternal vax; then inactivated vax at 3-6 mo of age

-optional Rift Valley Fever–modified live vax in nonpregnant animals–causes abortion.

-optional bluetongue virus killed vax

porcine-  rabies

-Encephelomyocarditis–inactivated IM vax and rodent control.

-Japanese Encephalitis Virus–live vax and insect control.

-Porcine Parvovirus–live attenuated vax in U.S.

-Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome–killed and live vax

-Vesicular Stomatitis Virus–vax being developed for U.S.


-Bluetongue Virus–killed vax safer than live.


-Orf–annual vax of ewes prior to parturition; vax of lambs in an outbreak.

-Louping III–maternal vax of inactivated in late gestation; vax lambs at 4 mo.

-Rift Valley Fever–live vax for non-preg animals; modified live during gestation.  Mosquito control.