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Candy Calories–Uh Oh, I’m in Trouble. . .

1 Nov

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Twix or Skittles (one fun-size): = 80 calories
Exercise required: 10 minute bike ride
Butterfinger or Kit Kat (one snack size): = 100 calories
Exercise required: 15 minute walk
Peanut M&M’s (one fun size): = 180 calories
Exercise required: 40 minutes of raking leaves or 200 push ups

Milky Way candy bars (5 miniatures): = 190 calories
Exercise required: 28 minutes of aerobics
Candy Corn (20 pieces): = 150 calories
Exercise required: Stair climber for 25 minutes
Payday, Almond Joy or Mr. Goodbar (one fun size): = 90 calories
Exercise required: Dance for 20 minutes

Tootsie Pop: = 60 calories
Exercise required: skip rope for 6 minutes
Twizzlers, Sweet Tarts (fun size) or 1 Hershey’s Nugget: = 50 calories
Exercise required: 15 minute game of frisbee or 5 1/2 minutes of tennis
Nestle Crunch (one fun size): = 70 calories
Also includes 1 piece of Licorice
Exercise required: 24 minutes of yoga
Apple Cider (8 ounces): = 165 calories
Exercise required: 20 minutes on the row machine
Three Musketeers (7 minature): = 170 calories
Exercise required: 22 minute swim


1 Nov

Cool and I decided to go trick-or-treating this year.  We don’t have any friends here, but both LOVE Halloween–we’ve even been watching scary movies all month!  My parents made me stop trick-or-treating once I reached high school, so I figured I had an extra year or two of back-logged treats.  Also, Cool and I are 5’3″ and 5’2″ respectively so with our (old) faces covered we could easily fit the part.  Cool was the “Scream” villain and I was a werewolf.

We trudged up the hill to the fancy houses near my work.  When I bought my costume I had not realized that my vision would be so limited.  I couldn’t see anything below the level of my nose.  Going up stairs was difficult, because I couldn’t see the height-change–or my feet.  Going down stairs was a guessing game, and I about broke an ankle or busted my scull several times.  We managed to get to the top of the hill OK though.

The first incident was about the third house we knocked at.  I had severely mocked Cool when she told me what school we went to.  I thought–who asks kids personal questions like that???  I figured if people thought we were too old to be out knocking, they would give us a signle treat and we would be on our way.  So, The the first thing this lady asks is how old we were.  I thought of saying, “stranger-danger!” I thought of running, and would have if I could see through my eye holes any better.  Instead I froze.  There was this excruciatingly long pause.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  The candy-police was on to us!  Finally Cool said, “8th grade.”  THEN, this lady asked what school we went to.  Fuck!  We just moved here, I don’t know any of the schools.  And I certainly couldn’t tell you where a certain grade might go.  Again, Cool saved the day by saying, “Shaw.”  The lady had baked cookies and pointed out to us that she had typed her address on them so we could be confident they weren’t poisoned.  Oh.  My.  She tried to slip us up one last time by asking, “So you drove here?”  And Cool, without missing a beat said, “My mom dropped us off, she’s up the block.”  Crazy cookie lady!

We were trick-or-treating just fine for a few streets.  Except, I moved my head in a different direction and my face got wet.  Ewwww–breathing inside my mask was creating condensation.  Soon, my face was covered with my own spit!  It was really dripping and it creeped me out!  A while later, we came to a porch with a fluffy cat at the door.  We could tell it wanted inside.  We both bent to pet the kitty, Cool in her black garb, and me in my wolf mask.  The cat enjoyed our hands, rubbing and begging to be let inside.  Then it looked up.  It’s eyes widened, and it suddenly looked terrified.  The kitty had let a wolf pet it!  I tried to soothe the cat by talking to it and reaching out to pet it again, but he was freaked!  He backed away slowly, then kept his (wide) eyes on me until we left.

The third thing of note involved another cat.  We knocked at someone’s door, then a very thin, stray came up for lovin’s.  I kneeled down to pet the little buddy just as a women came to the door with candy.  I looked up, but in my wolf-mask I must have looked like I was about to spring on her or something.  She was startled and said she thought we about to play a trick on her.  She seemed so genuinely frightened by us (and the strange cat we seemingly brought with us) that her husband soon accompanied her at the door.

Over all, we had a good time, and each got about a bag of candy.  One less to buy at the Grocery Outlet.