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MY Vet Hospital [Part 5: Hours]

2 Nov


-be open from 7:30-6 pm Mon-Fri

-be open one day a week until 8 pm

-be open a half day on Saturdays (9-noon?)

-have staff scheduled earlier and later than open-hours

-do a over night time back-up/close-out

-rotate sched so each person comes in 30-60 min early once weekly to mop/open in the am

-separate surgery drop off time and first appointments to slow morning rush

-charge for boarding at a time before walking/cleaning/meds in afternoon

-when there is two-three vets, take emergency calls during weekend hours to 24/7 (more vets=more emergencies)

-stagger receptionist/tech/veterinarian lunches to be open (and doing business) entire day while still offering everyone 1-2 hour break

-an apt upstairs would allow more hours of operation

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