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MY Vet Hospital [Part 6: Staffing]

3 Nov

-Do NOT undervalue the importance of a good staff

-hire everyone on a probationary basis

-hand out an employee manual w/our goal, rules, etc the first day of work.

-quickly go through the manual with (overwhelmed new employee) in case they don’t read it (carefully).

-have employees sign the manual the first week

-have a short quiz (for all employees) on the manual to highlight most important points & any changes

-personally introduce new employee to each current employee the FIRST day or @ special meeting

-meet with new employee at the end of the first day and week to ask how it went

-Train people HOW to train new employees

-assign a current employee to train new people for 2 weeks

-schedule extra people when a new employee is just starting!

-keep scrubs(matching everyone else’s) on hand for new hires/observers to temporarily wear

-have staff wear matching scrubs every day of the week?  but change pattern seasonally and include plain AND patterned scubs

-buy all employees a set of scrubs once a year

-during business hours/in front of clients, refer to vets as Dr. ___ always

-at the end of the day, all staff leaves at the same time–after checking w/each other that everything is finished

-do written evaluations for each employee after 3 mos and once a year

-no one may bring own animals to work (unless they pay for boarding) especially on a daily basis

-if employee pets are paying to board, employee cares for them on their OWN time–not while clocked in.

-fire people for repeated lateness!

-have a break room/nook with a window

-have employee phone tree displayed

-keep track of schedules, birthdays, and clinic days off on a visible wall

-acknowledge birthdays in a fun and consistent way

-keep track of missed work by each employee (and self) on a visible calendar

-give half Christmas bonus before the holiday, and half after the holiday

-give a post-summer (busiest season) bonus or pay-raise

-hire an accountant instead of vet/staff doing it

-Have an office manager to take care of staffing, ordering, inventory, and billing concerns. That is their entire job!

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