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MY Vet Hospital [Part 7: Building Structure]

6 Nov


-have a fenced in yard

-have employee parking and separate parking for clients

-have a dumpster, but behind doors

-have a storage shed


-have a place for trucks to unload and door (without a window!) accessible to storage room

-in storage/drug inventory room, have a large, open area to check-in items

-Keep blade, pens, etc in that room

-have a room near (if not in) reception just for food (this should be near accessible outside door/inventory room)

-maybe save a shelf/wall for flea/tick prevention

-do not have window panes or any other squares that are hard to clean

-have non-porus walls to avoid dust & grime from sticking

-have wipable walls by exam tables, mop bucket, behind all sinks, bathtub, processor, prophy, and behind trash cans

-don’t waste space with long hallways

-don’t paint the place a bright color.  Stick to siding that won’t get really dusty or look old.


-have double doors (small room for ads) in reception to help ward off escaped pets

-don’t try to have a separate dog/cat reception entrance—not practical (people don’t read)

-if I do have separate entrance stick to them, and make dog side larger

-keep files near computers and phones to increase chance of staff pulling them for every client

-do not have a water cooler in here

-make the area large, but every area visible to receptionist

-no overabundance of crap on reception counters

-have easy to clean seating in reception


-put a radiograph viewer in an exam room

-keep mini fridges with vax in each exam room

-have a trash out in open and up high or in a labeled cabinet

-have a cat scale in each exam room

-keep sharps containers in exam rooms

-pharmacy in hall between reception and exam rooms

-ability to entirely close txmt/sx area from reception & exam rooms

-put chem-like row of outlets on diagnostic/treatment counter and pharmacy counter

Treatment Area (ICU):

-have a counter/room just for all lab machines/microscopes/stains/etc. . .

-have a wet table or two for dentals, A/G

-keep most of the floor open

-have a scale that raises off the floor


-have a surgery prep room with autoclave and sink

-have a door on surgery room (and keep it closed!)

-have separate small, washer for sx laundry only

-2 surgery tables/counters/sets of cabinets

Staff Room:

-give employees clear lockers to put stuff

-have open closet with no doors to hang coats and put boots (kindergarten-style)

might be cool to connect runs (washer/dryer/dishwasher/bathroom) to staff room as sort of mud room

put staff room next to ICU with a window so staff can have a break, but can be seen


-have a fenced-in dog walking area

-have fenced outside runs (triple-fenced) with dog door connecting to indoor runs

-inside of runs should not be white—floors and walls should hide dirt and staining

-have hose AND spout in runs

-have a good storage system (out of the way) for crates!!!

-put swinging (thick, sound-proof) doors on laundry/mud room

-have a lot of shelves for laundry near washer and dryer

-have a ground sink for mop bucket—no white walls around it

-store dishes near dishwasher

-have a drain on the floor near bathtub, washer & dryer, and stretching across the front of ALL runs

-tilt runs to drain into drain


-put cat room far away from dog runs

-have a sink IN the cat room

keep cat gloves and net IN the cat area

-have separate room for birds and small animals


-have isolation room with door (don’t put a bunch of stuff in here)

-minimal furniture/shelving

-Needs to be easily cleaned–not used much so it gets dusty

-Keep a hose in this room

-have supplies that are ONLY in this room


-put a drain in x-ray room

-have a LOT of shelves to store radiographs

-consider an apartment upstairs???

-cameras downstairs, that feed to apt upstairs

-back entry to upstairs apt

-have a locked door between downstairs hospital and upstairs apt

Refer to sketch of blue print for exact layout