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MY Vet Hospital [Part 8: Various Procedural Items]

7 Nov

-send welcome letter signed by all vets to new clients

-have new clients come in 15 min ahead of appt to obtain info

-don’t let brand new clients drop off or have tech appt–build vet relationship FIRST

-verify address & phone number with clients every visit

-get SSN/DL from new clients

-type pet name in all-caps every time (computer/file/radiographs/etc)

-answer phone: business name, this is _____, how may I help you?

-note when owners call, we receive fax, etc in file

-write date and time faxes are sent in the file

-have receptionist give reminder calls to every appointment and surgery a day ahead of time

-each animal (not client) counts as one appointment

-if confirmation call shows old client info, put post-it in chart to remind all to get new info @ appt

-ALWAYS have someone up front

-receptionist writes history in file before turning over to tech

-take euthanasia right in exam room—no waiting in reception

-set aside time on schedule every day for emergencies–do not fill this appt time w/non-emergencies

-NO same-day (non-EMX) appts!!! People come to expect it, and it’s not always possible

-pre-print invoices for rx refills, drop offs, sx so they are ready to check out quickly

-staple receipts together

-send sympathy cards signed by all staff to dead pet’s homes

-TPR stamp in file for every animal that walks through the door

-have techs re-iterate history with owner and collect vitals on each pet before exams

-introduce self (and anyone else [observers/tech/etc] in room) to the client

-do a complete exam in front of the owner

-take animal out of exam room to draw blood

-NO owners in back, or ever restraining their own animals

-use gloves for fractious cats

-use muzzles for aggressive dogs

-use smaller gauge needles for smaller animals (even for SQ fluids!)

-schedule time for tech appts–less than 30 min slots?

-each person puts initials in files to indicate they are finished charting and hold them accountable

-keep checklists for stuff:


sx set up/clean up


to-do timelines daily/weekly/monthly/yearly

-if rx changes, write lg, highlighted triangle in margin of chart

-send meds in a bag

-lint roll all surgery drapes/towels

-change mop water daily & mop sx room with freshest water

– call surgeries after they are finished that day

-no separate “vet notes”–especially if it takes time outside of appt to write them

-keep a day sheet with animal name, breed, vet, all procedures w/boxes to check off for ALL animals in cages/runs

-sock friends (tube socks filled with 4-5 C white rice and microwaved for 4 min) for sx prep, sx, recovering, small puppies, critical animals

-don’t let mother dogs stay in the building during tail docking/dew claws

-cat abdominal films:  (kvp 53 for skinny, up to 65 for large, fat cats) 300; 1/60; 5.0

-cat thorax:  (kvp 53 for skinny, up to 65 for large, fat cats) 300; 1/120; 2.5

-cat extremities:  look good w/abdominal settings

-to soak feet (in salt, scub, etc) put liquid in a plastic bag and hold over foot.

-NEVER interrupt vets in exams/surgery

-autoclave syringes if they must be re-used

-send home typed instructions after procedures

-keep all SOAP sheets of dead animals in chart, just flip backwards to indicate break

-complementary bath to dogs that board a certain time—don’t include nail trim/anal glands

-groom-aid ALL animals that leave the hospital

-lock owner’s signature stamp in safe at night

-lock up all controlled substances during night

-no clinic animals!