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8 Nov

In the 1040s, L.A. was primarily white and groups of whites would pick on the few blacks found there.  The blacks just formed (unofficial and unnamed) groups to defend themselves.

In the 1950’s, police chief, Parker recruited police officers from the Southern U.S.  He was racist and knew what kind of enforcement he wanted in L.A.

Everyone was confined to very small spaces, creating much tension.  Though the last lynching occurred in 1948, police took up the oppression cause.

In 1965, was the Watts Riot.  LAPD pulled a black person over with no cause (this happened with regularity), heavy-handed “discipline” ensued, frustrated blacks fought back.

African Americans organized and formed the Black Panthers and a group called US.  Gangs were politicized at that time.  Soon, the FBI claims the Black Panthers were worse than communists or any other group.  As such, the FBI aims to cripple the Black Panther Party.  Their counterintelligence moved to pit the Panthers and US against each other.  The FBI sent propaganda to each group to turn them against each other.  Black Panther leaders were killed.

By 1969, blacks began killing each other.

1970s brought a “me” mentality to the black community.  But there was nothing in the community to join.  Raymond Washington started the Crips as a way to get some power.  There were a lot of people searching for a group, but no real leadership.  Danifu emulated the tenants of the Black Panthers for the Crips constitution:  Community, Reform,

The leather jacket was a status symbol.  Media became attached to gang killings over jackets.

Any other group that materialized was seen as poised against the Crips.  This is how L.A. became so fractured.  Once a person is killed, there would be a retaliation, then it never ends–it goes on and on and on.

Factories began to disappear in the late 1970s.  Black people lost jobs, couldn’t support their families.  Collapse of the black family occurred not during slavery, but when black men lost their jobs en-mass.  Gangs provided community and family to fill the holes.

Poverty Pimps would get government funds to “help” clean up gangs, but would individually profit instead of helping as they were supposed to.  The wider community of L.A. turned away from the black problems.  Money was not spent there.

In the 1980s gangs meant money.  Drugs exploded into large business.  In the dead communities of black ghettos, drugs were the only ones hiring.  Using intercity drug money, the federal government could supply funds to the Contra War in Nicaragua.

Once gangs had money, they could mobilize.  Once the gang killings occurred in wider (white) California, it became a major problem and media, politicians, and police took notice.  War on Drugs and Gangs started though drugs and gangs had been around (the ghettos) for a long while.  An entire generation of black people are incarcerated in prisons.

1990s brought the focus to South Central.  Warring gangs came together to fight injustice of police brutality.  Authorities tried to keep the Bloods and Crips at war.  Again, misinformation was touted to stigmatize the gangs and keep them fighting each other (rather than the LAPD).

Peace didn’t last long.

How do you stop the chain reaction of revenge killing?  How is the economy redeemed?  Who knows how to get the families back together?  How do the younger generations keep out of gangs and violence and drugs when they are surrounded by them?