What Time Is It???

9 Nov

Yesterday was the first day of the time change.  I thought I had adjusted well, because on Sunday I slept in AND woke up at 5:30 AM–all at the same time!  I felt so productive having gained an extra hour during the day that I went straight to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping while the city was still in church.  And while I was there I found a watch that met all my requirements–it only took 2 years to find one.

I worked all day Monday, same story as usual–someone changed the clocks in the morning.  Then, it was 5:30 PM (closing time) and I was pretty much finished for the day, and had set up for the next day.  The vet was at the desktop computer making call back and finishing her write-ups.  This process can take her until 7 or even 8 PM, so we usually leave ahead of her.  The receptionist did close-out, but it was messed up so she started the process over.  There really isn’t anything I can do to help her–she just had to use the computer and crunch the numbers again.  Our tech was screwing around on the lap top–also very common.  The three of them might be in there until 6 PM or 6:30 PM.  I didn’t really wanna hang around, especially since I have been sick.

So I finished my close out check list, including locking the front doors.  Then, I didn’t really have anything else to do.  So I asked the tech to bring up the time clock since all the computers were occupied.  The clock in exam room said 5:55 PM, and that was good enough for me.  So I reached across the tech and clocked out–without really seeing any numbers.  Then, I told the doctor, “See you on Saturday!”  And she said, “No you won’t.”  I silently cheered to myself that this Saturday wouldn’t be a nightmare and said, “See you in December!”  And she said something about have a nice life as I left.

When I got home, my VCR said 5:10.  I thought–WHAT time is it?  It gets so confusing when some clocks change on their own and you have to manually change the other ones.  I looked at my new watch and it also said 5:30.  But my old watch would sometimes be an hour off.  Sometimes it would show another time zone and sometimes I would move my wrist in such a way that I would press buttons and change the time by an hour or minute.  I went to get the exact time off my lap-top so I could set everything appropriately.  And to my great mortification–my computer said it was 5:11 PM!!!

I had just left work 35 minutes early–and on my own accord!!!  And no one at work said anything to me about it.

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