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Lesbian in Sport

10 Nov

In light of the Penn State pedophilia scandal involving Joe Paterno, I was reminded of another scandal of a sexual nature.  The women’s basketball coach, Rene Portland (taken under good ‘ol boy Joe Paterno’s wing) is notorious for being homophobic.  She has made it clear that there are three rules:  No drinking, no drugs, and no. . .  Lesbians.

Her harassment went way beyond just coaching.  Each woman on the team lived in fear she would be accused of getting too intimate with other women.  She would bench suspected lesbians, preclude her team from talking to lesbians, and she revoked scholarships because she thought girls were living alternative lifestyles.

Penn State looked the other way, because Joe Paterno respected Rene Portland, because she coached winning teams, and they handed her accolades instead of calling her on the carpet (no pun intended).  For all the dirty deets and the whole sordid story, check out the excellent documentary “Training Rules.”  Here is the trailer:

“Training Rules” Rene Portland, Penn St.