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Animal Catagories

11 Nov

The Komodo Dragon scares me to death!  As such, it is one of my new favorite animals.  More on them later!

Actually, I really like most animals–so I’m not certain what my favorites are exactly.  I have to place the animals in smaller groups and pick from those.

I like cats in the companion animal category.  They are soft, independent, clean, and low-maintenance.  As for dog breeds, I think boxers are cute (but messy!) with their stoic facial expressions.  I like the entire terrier group, and think if I were the canine persuasion I would be a feisty character in that breed.

I also love turtles in the reptile category–especially when they are eating.  Hedgehogs are pretty amazing in the pocket pet category.  Once I house-sat for people who owned different colors of finches and I found their chatter soothing, and liked to spray them with their water mister.

For horses, I like a big beautiful draft horse.  I’m not that great at my equine breeds, so I’m not certain if it’s Clydesdale, Percheron, or Belgian that I like best.  Large, docile–I guess all of them are OK.

The most numerous animals:  Insects have beautiful butterflies and interesting grasshoppers.  But it’s dragonflies I feel closest to.

At the zoo, it is most fun to watch meerkats and otters because they seem happy to be there.  I like the idea of elephants and giraffes, though they make me sad in captivity.  Big cats are awesome too.  Especially their hunting prowess.

My favorite creature-features are the bear ones.