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Audiology Schools (offering AuD)

13 Nov

First things first.  What state could I bear to live in for 4 years?

Alabama (No way!); AZ x3; San Diego, CA (nope); U of Northern Colorado; FL x3; IL (fuck that); IN (never); KS; Kentucky (no); Louisiana (nope); Maryland (no); Michigan x3; MS (H-E-L-L NO, NO, NO!); SW MO U and Washington, MO; NE; NY (no); U of NC; OH x4; U of OK; PA (no); TN x4; TX x3; UT st. U; Seattle, WA (not unless I win the lottery); WV (no); DC (nope); U of Wisconsin

What does that leave me?

AZ x3; U of Northern CO; FL x3; KS; MI x3; SW MO U and Washington MO; NE; U of NC; OH x4; U of OK; TN x4; TX x3; UT st. U; U of WI.

All right.  I know some of those still suck.  Many are conservative (TN and TX) and I would have to work pretty hard to convince Cool to go there.  Forget TX, I just looked and none of those 3 are anywhere near the liberal oasis of Austin.  So TX is out.  Some are cold.  I looked up MI and one of those is right by Detroit–so that’s out.  Others are in the boonies, but I kept them because cost of living is certainly cheap.

AZ x3; U of Northern CO; FL x3; KS; Central MI U and Western MI U; SW MO U and Washington MO; NE; U of NC; OH St U and U of Akron in OH; U of OK; TN x4; UT st. U; U of WI.

Gainesville, FL is in the middle of the state, so it loses those ocean points.  I took it off the list for expense and crazy-person factor.  Akron, OH seems awfully close to PE, but I don’t know enough about the area to cross it off the list.  O of NC is half hour away from Durham and 2.5 hours from NASCAR’s capital, Charlotte.  UT st U is about 2 hours away from Salt Lake City and 5 hours away from Boise, ID.  U of WI is RIGHT near the water, pretty close to Chicago so it’s bound to be COLD.

So in order of preference based on location:

U of Northern CO

I really like Tuscan when we visted even though U of AZ is even CLOSER to Mexico.

U of NC (though Cool wouldn’t love being so far away)

U of TN in Knoxville, TN that I absolutely fell in love with.

SW MO U and Washington MO, toward the top just b/c I know MO.

Arizona School of Health Sciences and AZ st U, down b/c the kidnapping in Phoenix scares me

UT st. U

E TN St near the Cherokee Reserve

U of S FL gets gay points for being less than an hour away from St. Petersburg.  Also warm/ocean.

Nova SE U in FL, it would be expensive, but warm and near the ocean.

U of WI

Central MI U and Western MI U

Wichita, KS, which SUCKS, but it would be really cheap.  Probably the cheapest place.

Vanderbilt U in Nashville TN might be too conservative for Cool.

Memphis TN, near some substancial water, but down on the list b/c I don’t know if I could convince Cool.

NE desolate, but relatively close to KC and Des Moines and cheap.

U of OK, also super-sucks but would be just a little more expensive than KS.

OH St U and U of Akron in OH

Next, to find out which of the above options would accept me.  Must do the dirty work of looking up admissions requirements. . .