Do I meet the Requirements (AuD back up plan)

14 Nov

I looked up the pre-reqs and the admissions standards for all of the schools offering AuD in states that I could stand to live in for 4 years.  It took forever!  Now to narrow the list according to what I found. . .

Program links:

1:) U of Northern CO

BS degree, 3 letters of recommendation, and goal statement

GPA min of 3.0 min

400 on quant and min 400 on verbal and min writing score of 3.5.

2:) I really like Tuscan when we visted even though U of AZ is even CLOSER to Mexico.

BS, personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation

Completetion of 1 course in each:bio sci, physical sci, social sci, math, stat, and **hearing sci

must complete communication disorders I and II for no credit during the 1st semester of AuD program

best chances go to applicant with: min 3.0 GPA min

400 verbal, 550 quant, and 3.5 writing scores on GRE

experience in field

app deadline is 2-1-12

3:)  U of NC (though Cool wouldn’t love being so far away)

min 3.0 GPA in last 2 years, **3.6 GPA min preferred

combo GRE of 1000 or up


varied background w/lots of extracurriculars

preferance given to those who have completed pre-prof req

app deadline is 1-6-12

4:) U of TN in Knoxville, TN that I absolutely fell in love with.

combo GRE above 1000

**min GPA of 3.5

5:) SW MO U

CSDCAS application (like the VMCAS)

BS-must contact department if it isn’t in communications sci

min GPA of 3.0

app deadline is 1-15-12

5.5:)  Washington U in STL

BS, 3 letters of recommendation

all students are encouraged to apply (10-12 accepted/yr)

min GPA 3.0

min GRE scores of 400 verbal, 400 quant, and 4.0 writing (but overlooked if other areas strong)

app deadline of 2-15-12, but later apps are placed on a wait list

6:)  Arizona School of Health Sciences BS, 3 letters of recommendation, personal resume, criminal background check

min 2.7 GPA or min 3.0 in final 60 credits

min 2.5 GPA in a science courses(???)

experienced in word processing

**get CPR certified

complete pre-req courses (got ’em all)

6.5:)  AZ st U

**1 yr of deficiency courses at AZ st U since my BS is not in communications

min GPA 3.0

min GRE of 1000

3 letters of recommendation 200 word statement of intent

courses in:  **human anatomy and **physiology, **neuroanatomy and **neurophysiology, genetics, physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology, **anthropology and non-remedial mathematics

app deadline of 1-15-12

7:)  UT st. U

3 letters of recommendation, letter of intent

**BS degree in communication disorders

8:)  E TN St near the Cherokee Reserve

BS, 3 letters of recommendation, personal statement

**min GPA 3.25 for last 2 yr

app deadline 2-12-12

9:)  U of S FL gets gay points for being less than an hour away from St. Petersburg.  Also warm/ocean.

3 letters of recommendation, 1-2 pg letter of intent

GRE scores (each section) at or above 33rd percentile(???)

GRE writing score of 4.0 or higher

min GPA of 3.0 for last 60 credits(???)

10:)  Nova SE U in FL, it would be expensive, but warm and near the ocean.

**min GPA of 3.2

11:)  U of WI

min GPA of 3.0

min GPA of 3.0 in my major(???)

**25 clinical hours (observation hr may be acquired before acceptance) OR hrs accumulated during 1st year of program

statement of professional intent, 3 letters of recommendation

app deadline 2-1-12

12:)  Central MI U

min GPA of 3.0 (class avg = 3.73)

class avg GRE = 1063

**23 credits of pre-req coursework

12.5:)  Western MI U

acceptable BS(???)

**aud coursework

min GPA of 3.0 in last 60 credits(???)

competitive GRE scores(???)

13:)  Wichita, KS, which SUCKS, but it would be really cheap.  Probably the cheapest place.

CSDCSA app, 3 letters of recommendation, personal statement

min 3.0 GPA in last 60 credits(???)

app deadline 2-1-12

14:)  Vanderbilt U in Nashville TN might be too conservative for Cool.


app deadline 1-15-12

15:)  Memphis TN, near some substancial water, but down on the list b/c I don’t know if I could convince Cool.


16:)  NE desolate, but relatively close to KC and Des Moines and cheap.

min GPA of 3.0 in major(???)

3 letters of recommendation, personal statement

**6 courses in aud which can also be completed concurrently with 1st yr AuD courses

17:)  U of OK, also super-sucks but would be just a little more expensive than KS.

**BS in Communications Sci

18:)  OH St U

avg GPA = 3.6

avg verbal GRE = 480-520

avg quant GRE = 570-620

avg GRE writing = 4.0-4.5

**3-5 aud courses that can be taken online or in conjuction to 1st yr AuD curriculum

18.5:)  U of Akron in OH

BS, 3 letters of recommendation, personal statement of purpose


min 3.0 GPA

app deadline 2-1-12

** = I have not completed this and still need this prior to applying

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