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so where does that leave me?

15 Nov

The admissions criteria changed things a bit.  So here is a new list of schools most likely to accept me combined with places I could stand to live for 4-5 years:

1.]  U of Northern CO

2.]  Washington U in STL

3.]  SW MO U

4.]  U of S FL gets gay points for being less than an hour away from St. Petersburg.  Also warm/ocean.

5.]  Wichita, KS, which SUCKS, but it would be really cheap.  Probably the cheapest place.

6.]  Arizona School of Health Sciences

7.]  U of WI

8.]  U of AZ in Tuscan

9.]  Western MI U

10.]  NE desolate, but relatively close to KC and Des Moines and cheap.

11.]  AZ st U in Phoenix

12.]  U of Akron in OH

13.]  OH St U

14.]  Vanderbilt U in Nashville TN might be too conservative for Cool.

15.]  Memphis TN, near some substancial water, but down on the list b/c I don’t know if I could convince Cool.