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My Wisdom Has Been Officially Extricated

17 Nov

Today was my big surgery.  Once I got there I didn’t have to do much.  I had pre-paid:  $97 for the consult in which I had to wait 50 min to SEE the doctor, $2500 for the IV sedation/4 impacted teeth extractions/and a follow-up appointment, and $36 (only thing partially covered by insurance) for the 4 prescriptions!!!!

The nice thing is, as soon as they bring you back they administer “laughing gas” so I couldn’t feel her struggle to hit my veins.  They are notoriously petite and rolling and I’m usually somewhat cold inside those offices and dehydrated and thus very difficult to hit without multiple sticks and digging.  I told my gal horror storied of my IVF (leaving out the margarita/Mexican food dinner of the night before) which unsettled her.  I think she only had to poke me 3-4 times though.

I wanted to ask what my resting heart rate was, because my average HR at the gym (without pushing myself hard) is 163-174!!!  And I managed to get the question out, but I was gone before I heard the answer.  Maybe they can dig out my vitals at my follow-up. . .

It literally felt like 5 or 10 minutes, and I wasn’t entirely sure they had done anything aside from starting my drip rate when they moved me.  For IVF they prep you in one place and do the procedure in another room, so I didn’t know until much later anything had been done to me.  My clue was people kept traipsing in and out of the room (it seemed like their prep/cleaing space) and ignoring me.  Also, they started the next girl.  They left her door open and everything–maybe I’m a fast waker-upper.  I certainly am in the mornings. . .


17 Nov

29 days in Oct and this is number 17 in November.  That makes 46 days in a row that I have posted a blog!  After the first few days, it became easy.  One secret?  Keep a lot of half finished drafts around.  When I’m excited or intrigued by something I jot a quick note.  It’s so easy to go back to it later.


I hardly have to try at all to conceptualize, write, and post a blog these days.  That makes perfect sense since they say a habit is formed after 26 days of repetitive action:  Next  establish a routine at the gym, do something for my educational future daily, then maybe after that-cooking.  OK, maybe not not the cooking–I don’t wanna get crazy.


Well, this may be the last post for a while.  I am having 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed today.  They’re going to give me IV sedation and the whole bit so I have no idea if I’ll be up to the task of typing.  I hope to be up to having a little fun, since I get 4 full days off work in a row.  This has not happened in forever!  At least not while I’m employed or NOT moving to a new state.  Seems the only time I ever get off work is when I’m between jobs, worrying about money and if I’ll EVER work again, or frantically picking up my belongings and traveling to a new place.  So even though surgery is involved–this will be heaven.  One day–a vacation maybe???  Ha ha–no day in the near future.


So wish me luck–I’ll try to write about the surgery.