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At Least It’s Not the Frat House

18 Nov

And they are not INSIDE my apartment making a ruckus AND a mess.  But, it’s not all that better.  I can’t wait until we can get our own loft condo–hopefully away from neighbors all-together or at least next to ones who SLEEP.  Probably once we get a loft our neighbors will actually have to work at a job to afford it, unlike the situations we’ve had of late where spoiled twenty-somethings are having daddy and mommy foot the bill so they can party all night and sleep during the day, or with failed adults working the system, and nursing their drinking problems all night.

I needn’t have worried about sleeping through any pain.  The new upstairs neighbors made it so I don’t think I slept 3 consecutive SECONDS last night.  This is the third complaint already about these particular neighbors, and about the 12th noise complaint about different residents in our building.  Quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM are written right on the lease, yet nobody seems to SLEEP at night.  WTF?!!

Dear Landlord,

Since I had surgery yesterday, I was particularly unhappy about the neighbors in 316 making a ruckus in the stairwell during the night.  From 11 PM to 2 AM they made a literal 13 loud, trips down or up the stairs.  Transgressions including:  Slamming the apartment door, stomping or running on the stairs, talking, shouting to each other, firmly correcting the dog, carrying on a conversation for 10-20 minutes on the stairwell, and culminating in having an altercation with another neighbor who stepped out and asked them to be quiet.  Maybe it would be helpful if you hung flyers on everyone’s door highlighting the quiet hours, outlining how people can be more consciencious of their neighbors, and specifiying consequences of breaking the lease, the way you have with the parking and pet situations.  I am tired of waking up at the crack of dawn and struggling through 9-10 hour work days on sleepless nights, or as the case may be, lying awake all night despite post-op drugs.


sleepy, grumpy, frustrated tenant

I’m a Champ Post-Surgery

18 Nov

I really am.  I had it pretty easy after all 3 IVF egg donations and today I did the best on my household.  Here’s what I mean:  Cool got a sick belly and a headache, Sloppy vomited twice, and Choco-Luv slept the day away.  I took less than an hour nap, only complained of my pain when all meds wore off at 7 PM, and was a real trooper.

I removed the gauze prematurely–it was strange.  It felt like they forgot a piece of gauze near my throat and I might choke on it.  I was so worried about swallowing it and choking, I dug around my mouth with my index finger.  Turns out my tongue and mouth were just dry.  It was a strange feeling!  And when I got home I noticed I had blood on my lips and teeth that no one at the oral surgery place had removed–what the hell?!  I remove the dental blood even for cats and dogs!  $2500 doesn’t buy you a little post-procedure clean up?

Anyway, I’m up an hour or two past my (steadfast) bedtime, because I am worried about my pain meds wearing off.  Cool says just to put more pills by my bedside, and that’s smart.  But it still means pain might wake me up.  And if it wakes me up it’ll probably be pretty substantial.  You know how it’s easier to prevent pain then try to treat full fledged pain and all.  Once I sleep, I want to stay (restfully) asleep until at least the 5 AMS.  That’s my normal wake up time–emphasis on my body’s time.  I hardly EVER sleep to my alarm clock.  So I’m up writing (inane?) posts so that I can sleep painlessly through the night.  Naps are much easier to pre-game for. . .