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A Little Positivity for Peace of Mind

20 Nov

I think being post-op and having lack of sleep two nights in 3 days has put me in a bad place.  I’m annoyed with the neighbors for making noise, the landlord’s apathy, and Cool’s ability to sleep through chaos.  I’m annoyed with the blogs I read.  I don’t want to read about superficial things or impractical people.  I’m annoyed by lesbian ex drama and not changing priorities to make the situation better.  I’m also a little stir-crazy after being away from work for the 4th day in a row.

I need to get my head in the game.  Think of nice things. Calm down, find serenity.  Let it all go.  But how to do that?  Fix the lack of sleep by breaking down and purchasing the ambiance machine instead of depending on external forces to fix the problem for me.  Change up my blog roll, and don’t read about people who have such different mentalities than me.  These two changes will allow me to brush off those other annoyances.

And for a change of pace–here are some good things happening in my life:

Rusty is awesome!  Remote start, 4×4, and no worries for this snow is the most exceptional feeling!!!

I love these electric throw blankets.  They are warm and saving on utilities.

Cool is stable, loving, and NOT home sick.

My kitties are being nice buddies, and I love their snuggles–even if they are just in it for the heat.

I am making small progress on my potential veterinary interview preparation.

I am also slowly and steadily working on the audiology back up plan.

I have 4 Starbucks coffee flavors, which are yummy, and will save me money.

I finished my book yesterday, and will be starting a new book today.

I have a really cute new jacket for winter, that matches my Costco Ugg knock-offs.

My anatomy turtles poster is just. about. finished!!!!  And it still looks rad (pun intended).

I think I will be able to eat today, and my mouth/jaw/face is not in pain.

We are going to a restaurant today.

I am getting mentally prepared to finish a triathlon.  It feels good to have a physical goal.

It is almost time to decorate our living x-mas tree, and go to The German for the lighting ceremony.

The Food IS The City!

20 Nov

This lack of sleep business we have been contending with. . .  AGAIN, reminds me so much of my year in Seattle.  I never slept well in that city.  I’ll never understand why my age group/housemates/neighbors do not sleep during the night.  I’m going to have to pull a Niles Crain and get some sort of white noise, ambiance machine to drown out their inconsiderate sounds.

So here’s something a little brighter that reminds me of Seattle.  If ever there was a restaurant that could represent an entire city–the mentality of the residents, ethics, economy, everything, it would be the location of my 27th birthday dinner.  Elemental absolutely mirrors every aspect of Seattle.

The communication is not very straightforward.  We didn’t even know where we were at first.  We had to ask the UPS man to verify the restaurant’s location during the day.

The ambiance is very plain at Elemental–you might think you’re getting the bare minimum, simple experience.  But like the city itself, with down-home roots, it is far from simple.  Everything is secretly decadent and extravagant.

The waiter is pompous and rude.  It’s an exact replica of the Seattle chill.  The people there are supposed to be friendly–and superficially they are.  At a distance.  You think.  And you think a restaurant strives to satisfy customers. . .

The food is organic, local, and environmentally acceptable.  Just like Seattle’s rabid environmentalism, one-track organic notions.

The final price tag was horrendously expensive–just like most things in the city of Seattle.  It must be an excellent location for the rich to live.  Even Frasier has to settle for a condo with roommates.  How could a normal person stand a chance?

When I’m bored I like to read Elemental’s Yelp reviews. Everyone has a strong, polarized opinion about it.  I personally liked it–one time.  Eating there made me feel like Fraiser, and a real Seattle resident for the first time.  I was finally partaking in the good life in Seattle instead of slumming it at the Frat house and working with entitled people. . .  I’ll always remember that fancy birthday dinner!