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Possible Audiology Transitions

24 Nov

My compassion for my beloved dad motivates me to help others like him.

Transition 1:

Growing up, I had no idea audiology existed.  Like most little girls, I was determined to be a veterinarian and work with animals.  Unknowingly, I was honing my communication skills especially non-verbal ones as my career trajectory led me toward veterinary medicine.  In my current job as an animal assistant at a feline exclusive veterinary hospital, I have to quickly asses cat temperaments so I can collect vitals and help with medical procedures.

Transition 2:

[switch vet and Dad around]

“Hiss!”  My mind was quickly brought back to the present.

Transition 3:

Audiology is centered in skilled communication, which is why it was such a clear option for me from veterinary medicine.

Transition 4:

Life has a way of meandering and despite this clear indication of what I might be able to do in audiology realms  I positioned myself for veterinary medicine.

Transition 5:

[switch Dad and Vet]

I found I had more interest in the human side of things, and wanted to get back to helping people like my father.

The owners set the green cat carrier on the exam table and I announced I would be taking some vitals, in a cheery voice.