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Black Sox and the NBA

26 Nov



I read about how the NBA finally settled their financial dispute and will start their season on Christmas.  What an ironic day.  But before you judge the players as greedy (which of course they are, but with good reason) and lose interest b/c of the money, read about The Black Sox. There are plenty of books about their scandal and plight.  If you don’t know, they were the baseball team that threw the game for gamblers.

Those guys, back in the depression era were barely making enough money to feed their families.  They had restrictive schedules and many hard-core rules to adhere to.  While the fat-cat owners were living high on the hog.  Even the gamblers (with their swindling and graft) were making boat-loads more money then the professional players the fans were paying to see.  It’s no one the players committed a desperate act.  That blemished history, and began the tarnish on America’s formerly beloved sport of baseball.

The NBA players are hardly starving.  Yes, the players make more money then most people do in a lifetime. Their figures are wildly inflated and scary. As are actors, directors, and celebrities of all kinds.  I am not saying they need more money.  But we’re talking about percentages here.  Don’t think of it as having to make MORE money to give the greedy guys a bigger paycheck.  Think of this as them fighting for what percentage of the money they are already bringing in.  In the past, owners made for an example, 98% of money fans paid to watch the games, while the players got just 2%.  Is that fair?  I don’t think so.  So now the players will get about half.  I think that is acceptable.

But, but but–do you have any idea how much team owners make? They easily make time times the amount the players (doing all the work) garner. The players are at least earning that income by attending practice, a rigorous game schedule, and maintinging their bodies during the off-season. After some overhead costs, owners are just raking in the dough–that the players are bringing in. So it really is fair the people doing the work, bringing in those fans.