Family Secrets, Half Stories, and Partial Truths (Part Ein)

29 Nov

Grandpa George was cook at 6–beat (pretty badly) by Starkle (of rich potato farmer status).

Grandpa changed his last name for some scandalous reason.  Kune changed his to get into the service.

His 3 Starkle bros sent him to Warm Springs.

Also, he was an alke that made his 2 youngest children wait on a bench when he went to the bar.  

G-pa signed house over, and was gone when my dad came home from service.  Grandma, apparently was seen getting cozy with Vic, one of grandpa’s brothers.  Aunt Gloria says she saw them on the couch making out.  Uncle Richard’s parentage is a question on account of this.  according to dad, gloria didn’t like george.

Auntie Aileen’s first husband was a letch who hit on grandma.  Oh, and Auntie Shirley called grandma a “loose” groupie after she left her sisters.

Grandma was preg before marriage to george.

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