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Vet School Interview (Ergovaline Feed Trials)

30 Nov

Endophyte proctects fescue from insects. 

Endophyte-infected fescue can cause fescue toxocosis in livestock.

A number of ergopeptine and related alkaloids are produced by the fungus which may, individually or in combination, contribute to these toxicoses.

Ergovaline is the most predominate ergopeptine alkaloid, and is present in the fescue.

Ergovaline, impairs performance by:

–decreasing appetite and growth

–inhibiting reproduction

–decreasing heat regulation by vasoconstriction

Feed intake was identical between ergovaline supplemented group and control.

Rodent weight was greater in control groups, suggesting the nutrients were utilized differently.

Lack of a commercial source of ergovaline and related intermediates has impeded toxicity studies.

Isolation, purification and testing in the bovine remain to be accomplished.