Vet School Interview [GRE Vocab from my App]

6 Dec

1.  cacophony-harsh and meaningless mixture of sounds.

2.  pungent-sharp, biting, acrid smell.

3.  decibel-unit used to express the intensity of sound.

4.  levity-lightness of mind, behavior, or character.  Lack of earnestness.

4.5.  earnestness-serious in intention, purpose, or effort.

5.  juncture-critical point in time made important by concurrence of circumstances.

6.  trajectory-the (curved) path (of a projectile) in air/space under influence of forces such as thrust,

wind, resistance, and gravity.

7.  coveted-to have a wrongful desire.

8.  conjure-to bring to mind or recall

9.  zeal-eager desire, passion

10.  musings-contemplation, reflection

11.  analogous-corresponding or alike

12.  convoluted– complicated

13.  bleak– without hope or encouragement.

14.  amass– to gather for oneself.

15.  garner– to get, acquire, or earn.

16.  volatile– changeable, mercurial.

17.  enervated– to lesson the vitality or strength.

18.  restive– restless, uneasy.

19.  aberrant– deviating from the ordinary.

20.  reticent– reluctant or restrained.

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