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Waiting, Waiting. . .

10 Dec

Can I just say I am going CRAZY waiting for a letter from the vet school???

This month I am supposed to get a letter either inviting me to an interview or rejecting me from the program.  Whatever the news, I honestly just want to know!  Then, I can either prepare for the big interview or seriously pursue my back up plan of audiology.

I’m not certain how much time and money to invest into the back up plan, because what if I don’t need it?  And I want to do it right.  It’s not like the animal ears and human audiology are identical.

Ugh–how LONG does it take to inform me?!  Can I say I am checking the mail incessantly not for the Christmas presents (that are trickling in), but this particular vet school communication?

Vet School Interview (Tasks Mentioned on My App)

10 Dec


blood trandfusions

poultry x-rays and anesthetic (mention suturing)



digital radiology

ran CBC and blood gases

hypobaric chamber

observe central catheter

equine endoscopic exams

equine embryo transfer

heartworm tests in batch

know parasite prevention products

observe ferret adrenalectomies

class about fetotomy

process piglets

observe hog housing for different stages

learned about nutritional aspects of pigs with differing feed maint/growth reqirements

milking cows

observed dairy cow biopsy

non-food ordering

chartless records

transsexual power-point presentation