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Traumatic Timing

12 Dec

How my life has changed since the ugly SGU loan incident.  I have moved (twice) and am now waiting to hear from the vet school.  My would-have-been classmates have all finished the classroom portion of their DVM program.  They are all posting on Facebook about how they never have to sit through another lecture or take another final exam. . .  It makes me wish I was finishing up too–instead of sitting around waiting to START!  Oh, and earlier this year, the school was finally accepted by the AVMA–meaning they are now eligible for federal funding–and I could have gotten a loan to attend.  What kind of crummy timing IS that?  I have been so unlucky in my quest to veterinary school.  Here is a reminder of the angst I felt when I ran out of financial options and had to give up my seat in my SGU class of 2013:


I Take That Back [post from 8-?-09]

that last blog stating I had a co-signer for my vet school loan, that is.


The other incoming student got scared and backed out of our concurrent co-signing agreement/scheme.  She will be deferring to the next semester–which leaves me at square one:  No co-signer, no loan=no vet school.

JUST when I was starting to relax and be excited, the dream was yanked away from me again.  The parents still won’t co-sign.  I don’t need anyone with good credit–as a matter of fact it’s preferable I get someone with nothing to lose to co-sign my loan application.  The goal here is to be denied the Sallie Mae loan so I can apply for the in school loan being offered.

I don’t know what to do, and am quickly running out of time.

Why, why, why???!!!!!!!!