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Partisan Politics are Stupid

13 Dec

I don’t understand how a country founded on the premise of wanting individual rights could so blindly follow the hard.  We could get a lot more accomplished if each party fought less with each other and tried to gain progress.  And it really makes me crazy when congress gets paid all this money, gets all these benefits, has a lot of holidays and vacation, and sick-leave that the American people are wanting for, then they can not make decisions.  It seems they send a lot more time trying to block so-and-sos idea because that person is part of the opposing party, then trying to advocate change for the better.

When I hear the republicans thought one way, until our Democratic president tried to do that exact same thing, then they voted against that thing they had formerly supported–just to make him look bad. . .  Well, it infuriated me.  That is why I just try to disengage politics.  I think anyone who gets that far has to be crooked.  Once you get campaign money and owe somebody something, you can no longer have ethics and ideals.  It’s too bad.  And not what our forefathers intended.

Aren’t politicians supposed to represent what regular citizens want.  Uphold the values of the majority of people in the country.  Do things that benefit most people.  I think most people are moderate, and lie somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum.  Without hype and lack of education, I think we would have a lot less extremism in this country.  It’s really ashame people do not think for themselves, and instead let the lobbiests with monetary interests drive their opinions.  And while we’re on that subject–how is lobbying democratic?  Isn’t that called buying votes or pandering?  I know if I sent cookies to the vet school admissions board, it would be seen as bribery and inappropriate.  They certainly couldn’t accept my gift.  And they definitely would not admit me because I sent them such goodies!