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Birth Control [Scene 2 and 3: The Bad and The Ugly]

15 Dec

The ugly side of the pill is the way it’s handed out to every woman.  To clear up skin problems, regulate unruly menstrual cycles, shorten the duration of periods, reduce periods to a quarterly event, reduce the severity of cramps, delay periods for big events like weddings, help hormonal imbalances, and finally as birth control.  And now there is a study saying women taking the pill over the long term get less disease and live longer????  Who funded that one–and what did they have to gain?  How was the study conducted, on how many women was the data collected, and who in the world did they find to be in the control group?  I am VERY suspicious of such sweeping results!

Are we (and by we I mean medical professionals who should be unbiased and have no stake in the huge industry) taking the BCP too far by doling it out to anyone and everyone whether they need it or not?  I for one, have NEVER been asked if I was a lesbian by any of my doctors, gynos, OR the IVF people who did my lady-exams before I donated my eggs.  But each one of those care providers suggested I get on the pill.  For various reasons.  To regulate my menstrual cycle.  To reduce cramping.  It’s a fix all.  Were there no alternatives for those problems for a person not having sex with men?  I want to know what are the ACTUAL side effetcs or long term health effects from being on lifelong birth control pill?

I guess I’m just a little suspicious.  I have a hard time believing a daily pill wouldn’t cause any deleterious long-term effects.  I have a really difficult time believing a daily pill containing hormones strong enough to do all those various and integral things has no other affects.  If it’s a fix all, then certainly the pill is acting very heavily on hormonal balances.  Look at this easily found example of women not getting the full story about affects of the pill.  {C.}  I knew Yaz had a lot of side effects, because the commercial advertising it goes on, and on, and on.  But I did not know death was one of them. . .

And why isn’t anyone concerned that the pill decreases a women’s libido?  Which is it birth control or mind control?  In giving women a means to control her own reproduction, which gives females much more power then they formerly held, the pill has also taken it away.  Women on birth control experience decreased sex drive.  They are slaves to buying and remembering to take the pill.  Because the pill is an option, they are responsible for birth control for any sexual encounters.  The pill is something men never have to think about, and it’s another excuse they use not to wear a condom.

That’s the ugly part of the birth control pill.  It doesn’t do anything for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  The pill may lull people into a false sense of security.  All the while, HIV and AIDS is on the rise, and other STDs with gross (sometimes lifelong) consequences are not going away.