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Garner the Letters of Recommendation

23 Dec

This is my absolute LEAST favorite portion of any application process.  I want to do things on my own.  I hate putting people out–especially ones in positions of authority who I do not know that well.  I also fear putting myself out on that limb and asking for a strong letter.  I would just be mortified if someone said no!  So here is my plan to cultivate the relationships that makes the letter-asking task a little less daunting.  I’m going to do it all differently this time around!

How to garner the letters of recommendation–strong ones from influential people, that is:

select courses with small class sizes

participate in class

be enthusiastic about subject matter

help other students

regularly attend office hours

take on optional projectsdo independant study or research w/potential writer if possible

pick professors who write well, not necessarily super-popular or very successful ones.

take more classes with professors likely to write the strong letters

Ask for the letters at least 6 weeks in advance

provide the writer with info about me