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My Favorite Months

28 Dec

July- Independence day right into my birthday.  Always hot with super long days.  No school.  What’s not to love?!

June-School is over by this time, the weather is usually warm, and there is the whole summer to look forward to!

September-It’s still warm, and the days are still long.  It’s not so stifling or humid as in summer, but school is back in session.  Now the beautiful fall colors begin to appear and the fall festivals (and beer) begin.

August-Everything awesome about summer and long, warm days is still around–but there is the impending doom that fall is on its way.  Also, the school shopping gets out of control annoying.

October-The last remnants of warm weather and long days occur.  Fall colors are still around.  Also, this is the greatest month for brews and festivals (and Halloween)!

May-Flowers start to bloom, finally the rain of spring is beginning to clear up.  There is the hope of the end of school and hot weather.

March-Winter is oficially over, and baby animals are born.

April-Instead of super-short days and snow.  There is lots and lots of rain and mud.

November-The beginning of winter.  The snow isn’t horrible yet though, and the days are not as short as they’re going to get yet.

January-At least New Years is a time for evaluation and new beginnings.  Other than that, not much to speak of.

December-Short, dark days, snow and cold.  Christmas and holidays take over the world.  Ugly consumerism, over-spending, and work is to be done in preparation of a holiday most people have lost the true meaning of.

February-Terrible month of short days.  The weather is the coldest yet, because you feel like winter should be on it’s way out.  Everything is dark–Valentine’s day especially.  What a charade and pathetic excuse to drum up superficial love ties and spend money.