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The $5 that Killed Me

29 Dec

The Relief LVT needed to go buy Tylenol on work time–more about THIS in the next post.  I was working up front (which I NEVER do) since our regular receptionist was on vacation.  The mean vet blew me off when I asked where petty cash was located and told me just to grab a $5 out of the til.  But then, I had to rectify my numbers at the end of the day.  Here’s what I did:

0.5.  I took the change from the $5.00 and put it in a zip lock bag with a post-it saying what the money was.  I wanted a round $5 and didn’t want the change in with the rest of my til making things confusing.

1.  I pulled up the office’s account on our system, opened an invoice and put a $5 charge on the employee account.

1.5  I posted it through so the employee account would show a balance of $5.00

2.  I finished counting the drawer, making sure there was an even $100 in there as usual.

3.  I did the (irreversable) end of day close out, and printed all my daily worksheets.

3.5  I pulled out the additional cash and the checks and filled out my deposit sheet, based on the numbers from my worksheets.

4.  On my accounting sheet, I wrote the $5.00 as a charge to account and wrote the employee’s name with petty cash beside it so it would be traceable to all.

5.  Then, I added everything, making sure the columns matched (they did) on my accounting sheet.

It was at this point, mean vet came in and asked what my baggie and post-it note were.  She sort of scoffed when I explained the steps I had taken and began rifling through drawers in search of the petty cash.  After opening 7 drawers, she lifted a secret compartment IN the cash box.  And she said (with a snide tone) “I THOUGHT you would have known to check here first.”  I told her that’s why I asked her–I don’t usually work up front, and I don’t know where things are placed.  She went on that I was “creative” *insert more snarkiness* and proceeded to stir everything up.  After I had made the (irreversible) corrections!  She dumped my zip lock somewhere, then asked how much was in there.  I had not counted it, because I wanted to just deal with an even $5 bill.  She did some other stuff essientially un-doing all my bookwork for the day.

I was legit infuriated!  But I wasn’t about to start counting everything over.  And I couldn’t re-do the computer stuff since it was finalized for the day.  I just left it and seethed all Christmas weekend about it.  IF the vet had just answered my original question about where petty cash was in the first place everything could have been avoided.  Why are you going to treat someone like they’re stupid if you didn’t know either when they asked you???  And why are you going to wait until it’s too late to give a fuck about the situation and try to locate the petty cash?  Maddening!!!!  It’s things like these that I won’t miss about small animal private practice.