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Prequil–What Lead Up to the $5

30 Dec

Relief LVT (from here called Relief for simplicity) was NOT paying attention.  She hardly does, mostly standing around incessantly talking everyone’s ear off.  I was stuck working the front and they were trying to draw blood on a notoriously short-fused cat.  The vet I don’t really love at first told her the cat was about to lose his cool as a way of getting Relief to restrain the cat instead of chatting.  Relief continues chatting mindlessly.  Then, the vet sternly told Relief to hold onto the cat before it bit someone.  Still, Relief half-heartily held (lightly), while talking.  The cat scratched the vet (breaking the cardinal rule of restraint) and the vet barked at Relief to pay attention.  Relief tried to actually hold the cat, looking sort of upset and dazed.  I’m not certain if Relief is out of practice, having been unemployed for awhile, or was the type to always grab the syringe at work.  I suspect she couldn’t restrain the cat for whatever reason.  Relief sort of faltered.  Our regular LVT then offered to hold the cat, and Relief relinquished.  Relief suddenly said she wasn’t well, and went upstairs.

Regular LVT and mean (not really the right word, but for ease and consistency’s sake) vet finished the blood draw, then, in dramatic fashion Relief runs down the stairs into Regular LVT’s arms crying.  While bear-hugging the regular LVT and shedding crocodile tears, she babbles how she isn’t feeling well.  It was a real Lifetime movie moment.  Then stories of how Relief can’t take anything except Tylenol (she AND our regular LVT are both randomly on the same blood thinner) poured out.  In the end the Regular LVT was filled with sympathy, the mean vet was apologizing for her abrupt remarks, and I was inwardly rolling my eyes.

The total meltdown ended with  first Relief getting $5 out of the cash drawer.  Well, actually I was supposed to get it out of petty cash.  But I usually do not work reception so I didn’t know where that was located.  And when I called upstairs to mean vet while she was making herself an espresso, she said she didn’t know either.  And the doctor told me just to grab it out of the cash box.  So Relief first went to go buy Tylanol, then Relief going home early (leaving us short-staffed) on a Friday before a holiday.