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New Year’s Eve!

31 Dec

For some, it’s a day to stay up late and get drunk as all get out.  Well, I don’t like cold, can’t find a good place to dance, and can’t stay awake past 10 PM.  Being a night-owl party gal, even on a holiday, is just not in the cards for this girl.  For me, it is a time of quiet reflection and rearranging priorities.  I like New Year’s Eve, because it feels like a new beginning and second chance.  I take the day to re-group and motivate myself to improve for the next year.


2011 was about entertaining new goals.  I really put my all into the GRE test and vet school application, because I knew this was my last attempt to get into vet school.  In fact, months and months of the year were spent studying vocab, practicing math problems, writing essays, editing my personal statement, and reviewing my application.  I wanted to make sure I did my very best on every aspect so I could be satisfied no matter how things turned out.  Also, I really put a lot of thought into what else I might be able to do if vet school didn’t pan out again.  I thought it was time to grow up and find a realistic plan B.  It was the first time ever that I seriously imagined myself not being a veterinarian.

Other than that, I saved enough money to buy a car.  Rusty, my Isuzu Rodeo is the answer to my prayers.  I paid a reasonable amount for it, own it outright, and can use the 4 wheel drive as reliable transportation in the winter.  I sure love that car!  And I’m proud of myself for finding it, having the cash to pay for it, and getting myself a good vehicle at a decent price.

Cool and I had a little bit of a rocky year–at least compared to the ease with which our relationship floated along our first year together.  She was homesick last year during the holidays.  In April, despite being short on money, she wanted to visit Tacoma for her mom’s birthday and we fought about that.  That’s also when her mom turned against me.  Cool got laid off from her crummy job in the spring and it sent her into a pretty bad depression.  She left Spokane (and me) entirely in August.  It sounds like the most terrible relationship year ever, but other than those things (based mostly on a lonely, manipulative mother and her bipolar disorder) things were great as usual.

          I found out in December that I didn’t get into Pullman’s veterinary program, but by that time, I has done so much soul-searching and career brainstorming that it didn’t send me spiraling into a depression as it had in the past.  I’m OK with it–more than OK.  I have some viable options for careers, starting with Audiology.  Maybe this is what I’m meant to do instead of veterinary medicine.  I have signed up as a non-degree-seeking student so we’ll see how I like the hearing and speech professional avenues.  At any rate, I’m ready to move forward in my life.

Tomorrow, since it’s the first day of a new year, I’ll write my goals.