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Allie McBeal Does a Disservice to Women

30 Jan

I watched the show Allie McBeal for the first time.  I was horrified.  I couldn’t pay attention to the jokes, the acting, the dialogue, the plot, or anything else.  I could only see emaciated skeletons that were supposed to serve as role models on a show geared toward women.  The problem was so evident and so dramatic that I was disgusted.

It’s one thing so have a problem.  It’s quite another to pretend that your weight is normal as are your eating habits.  To pretend it’s no big deal is harmful.  Calista Flockhart leads the eating disorders (and the denial) going as low as under 98 lb at 5’5″. Portia was down to 85 lb during the show. Courtney Thorne-Smith also struggled with an evident eating disorder during the show.  At the time, they either vehently denied having disordered eating and low weights, or remained tight-lipped about it.

They all admit their problems now.  Some more half-heartedly then others (Calista, I’m talking to you).  But what good does that do to millions of viewers influenced by the show in the 1990s when the cast vehemently denied having anorexia, bulemia, and the like?  How many girls watched that television show and felt bad about their own bodies?  How many began nursing their own eating disorders as a result?

I can’t watch the show, and wouldn’t want to anyway.  I won’t knowingly support such a bad example to women and body size.

Missed the Boat

29 Jan

Really, what’s new?

In my “What the FUCK” post, I indicated the communication problems I have been having with my new university.  To make a long story (that I have dwelled on ALL week and am tired of thinking about) short, I am joining the junior-level class in the spring, when the school highly prefers to accommodate entering students in the fall.

I have had to explain myself and my aspirations to many people, who truth be told, should have asked me sooner.  It is not my fault admissions blew me off before the semester and are just dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s three weeks into the semester.  This kind of thing makes me crazy, and I would have had every right to complain and tell all of them their treatment of me has been slipshod and unacceptable.  BUT, I didn’t.  I need these people to like me and want to help me.  So, difficult as it was, I kept my lip zipped and was Miss Lighthearted throughout the debacle.  As you, my readers well realize, this is uncharacteristic for me.

Anyway, as a result of the communication errors, I just found out yesterday that the scholarship application for this next academic year is due on January 31.  This pretty much left today to do it since I worked Saturday morning, and have to work 9 hours on both Monday and Tuesday.  Also, I have a big, group paper and presentation due this week for the class.

I opened the scholarship app, hoping to finish it and hopefully get myself some much needed financial help.  On page three were not one, not two, but six essays to be written!  And of course, since I am entering a completely new field, I could only alter two previous essays to remotely work.  I was crestfallen.  Maybe I could have buckled down, and put grocery shopping, calling my parents, and my class project on the back-burner to write TWO new essays.  But I don’t think I could have written six new high quality essays in a day.

So in the interest of not missing out for next year, here are the topics so I can work on them throughout the year and turn in the scholarship application for 2013-2014 on time.

1.)  Leadership/group contributions: Describe examples of your leadership experience and share how you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. Consider responsibilities you have taken for initiatives in or out of school.

2.)  Knowledge or creativity in a field: Describe any of your special interests and how you have developed knowledge in these areas. Give examples of your creativity: the ability to see alternatives; take diverse perspectives; come up with many, varied, or original ideas; or willingness to try new things.

3.)  Dealing with adversity: Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to address this challenge. Include whether you turned to anyone in facing that challenge, the role that person played, and what you learned about yourself.

4.)  Community service: Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live. Give examples of specific projects in which you have been involved over time.

5.)  Handling systemic challenges: Describe your experiences facing or witnessing discrimination. Tell us how you responded and what you learned from those experiences and how they prepared you to contribute to the WSU community.

6.)  Goals/task commitment: Articulate the goals you have established for yourself and your efforts to accomplish them. Give at least one specific example that demonstrates your work ethic/diligence.

Other Items on the Application:

1.)  Leadership, responsibility, contribution to community and family, and co-curricular involvement are important at Washington State University. Please prioritize your top four experiences in these areas over the last three years.

Employment/Co-curricular involvement/public service


2.)  Research or creative projects, laboratories, hospitals or clinics.
(Please do not include class assigned research papers or projects.)

Describe your contribution below. Be as specific as possible about your role. You may include work accomplished at other institutions. (limit to 30 words):

Questions for Riverpoint Audiology Advisor

25 Jan

-As a non-degree student, would this semester HAVE be part of a future transcript?

-What standards are used in a course taken Pass/Fail?

-If I take a course Pass/Fail, does it count toward pre-requisites for more advanced courses?

-Is it true that on April 27, I could change from P/F to graded (if I’m doing well)?

-What exactly does taking a course by audit mean?

-What are the implications for my transcript?

-How much does it cost to audit a course?

-To get financial aid can I just take 12 credits or do I need to be enrolled in a degree program?

-What sort of letters of recommendations is admissions looking for?

-How much do the letters count toward acceptance?

-Is the postbacclaureate program considered a true degree program eligible for funding?

-Can the post-bac classes be split into more than 2 semesters?

-Can I enroll in an undergrad program and take less than a full-time course load (for funding help)

-Am I eligible for any scholarships?

-Are there any kind of tuition for work programs?

-Are there any summer courses offered at Riverpoint?

-Do you know of any summer courses in Speech & Hearing offered in the summer?

-What might be the easiest of the fall courses to take through online-Ohio in the summer?

-How can I get an old syllabus for Anatomy & Physiology to prepare over summer?

-Can I get a list of required textbooks for fall classes now?

Is there any sort of job shadow/observation/work through the department?

This Week is Going to be a GOOD Week

24 Jan

It HAS to be better than last week (and the week before).  I am determined to make it better.

I will study in the morning, count calories, introduce fruits and veggies to my diet, be patient with my coworkers, not make my job my priority, go to the gym regularly, and floss.


I can do it.  I WILL do it!


And I won’t get stressed about things I cannot control–scheduling at work.  I will remember that I am

only one person and can only do so much so fast.  I will not feel left out, left behind, or awkward in school.  I will not take Cool’s driving to work burden my own.  I will help as I can, but not make myself sick with worry.

I will be miss sweet and light, and maybe even a little optimistic no matter how impractical–because I am motivated and working hard.

Riverpoint Postbac vs UNC Pre-Req

23 Jan

Before I can enter into the AuD program I want, Colorado says I need:

  • Introduction to Phonetics
  • Fundamentals of Physical and Biological Acoustics
  • Normal Speech and Language Development
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
  • Articulation and Voice Disorders
  • Language Disorders in Children I
  • Basic Audiology
  • Basic Clinical Strategies in SLP/Audiology
  • Aural Rehabilitation and Amplification

At Riverpoint, this translates to:

Spring 2012-

the class I’m taking now, SHS 376 Speech Sound Disorders

Fall 2012-

SHS 371 Language Development

+/- SHS 375 Phoenitcs

SHS 377 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech Production +/- SHS 479 Neuroanatomy

SHS 477 Aural Rehabilitation

Spring 2013-

SHS 378 Speech & Hearing Sciences  

SHS 461 Clinical Apprenticeship

SHS 472 Audiometry

SHS 478 Language Impairment

Is He EVERYone’s Dad???

22 Jan

Well, maybe not everyone’s father, but in tons of movies at any rate.  Just check out J. K. Simmons’ Wiki page.  He’s Juno’s father.  In I Love You, Man, he’s Paul Rudd’s character’s father.  “Speedo full of brillo.”  That JUST kills me!  Also, not a technical father in The Closer, but a benevolent authority figure somewhat like a father.

I am staring to really like him.  I’ve seen him as the lovable, and humorous guy a lot.  Sort of a fun, push-over type in every role.  I guess I should watch Spider Man 3–sounds like he’s the villian.  Maybe that would be interesting.  Hopefully the role keeps his good sense of humor.

I had to say I was quite amazing when I recognized his voice in the remake of True Grit.  It was even un-credited!  I think this says good things about my future in audiology.

What. The. FUCK.

19 Jan

It has been snowing constantly for the last 2 days.  Does that mean Cool doesn’t have to go to work?  Noooooo.  Does that mean the University shuts down?  Nooooooo.  Does that mean the vet hospital is closed?  Nooooooooo.  Why the hell does the weather service even announce a winter weather advisory or severe winter weather if it means nothing?  It’s business as usual here.

I was checking the University’s Emergency update website fully expecting they would shut campus down because of the snow.  Yesterday was 2-7 inches and today 2-4 more.  Nope, they even wrote that conditions were “treacherous” but just said to drive carefully–they were plowing the sidewalks and parking lots.  So because I had a quiz today I studied all morning.  Then I braved the crazy weather and crazier roads to get to class.  No one else showed up.

I figured I had somehow missed the e-mail so I fired off a disgruntled letter to administration when I finally made it back home safely.  Nope, they just hadn’t sent me the message that ALL other Juniors and Seniors in the program got.  Fuck you too.

Then, I was supposed to pick up Cool from work.  But she’s way out in the boonies, down remote highways, and up snow-covered hills and such.  And this amount of snow isn’t safe even for 4 wheel drive.  So I had to call her a taxi.  Which costs a bunch of money.

And tomorrow?  My work isn’t closing down–even though the vet lives way the eff out in the crazy boonies that was difficult to get to in summer.  And who is going to drive around with their cat when roads are this insane???  And will there be enough business to warrant 3 employees???  Also, Cool has to show up (on time) for her temp job or she will be fired.  So I am somehow supposed to drive her to work AND get to mine on time.  We better leave now if we’re going to make it.

Fuck this American-work no matter what-mentality!

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Why Are Rabies Vaccines Necessary?

18 Jan

My cat never goes outside. . .

This is a very common question from pet owners.  And aside from saying it’s a federally regulated vaccine, and it helps protect people from rabies, I never have much to say.

And the big vaccine controversy doesn’t help.  (Uneducated) people automatically hate vaccines and implicate them for causing autism, cancer, and other horrible and (untrue and/or uncommon) reactions.

I guess we should be thankful.  Thankful that vaccines have worked so well, that nobody in the last 2-3 generations has been sick with measles, mumps, rubella, polio, or even chicken pox.  Because we have not experienced the ill-effects of these diseases which we have been routinly vaccinated for, we take the vaccine itself for granted.  But that leaves us at risk again to get the diseases themselves.

When these nay-sayers won’t even innoculate their children, I feel there’s little I can tell them to make them vaccinate their pet.  Mostly I just offer expensive titers ($250 after mark up from IDEXX) as a compromise.  And you’d be surprised how many people (especially from Seattle) are willing to pay it.

I suggest watching the Frontline documentary “Vaccine Wars” to get a true idea of the whole vaccine debacle.  It delves into the situation much better than I could in one blog post.  Here’s some stats on the rabies disease:

Animals identified with rabies in 2010: 2,246 raccoons (36.5%), 1,448 skunks (23.5%), 1,430 bats (23.2%), 429 foxes (6.9%), 303 cats (4.9%), 71 cattle (1.1 %), and 69 dogs (1.1 %). Compared with 2009, number of reported rabid animals decreased across all animal types with the exception of a 1 % increase in the number of reported rabid cats.  Per JAVMA Sept 2011

After that–well, it’s just the lawful thing to do.  And not that expensive.


16 Jan

I was determined that the second half of my day would be better.  I found my next lecture location 110-C and sat outside of it, reading my notes.  Class began at 1:30 PM.  At 1:20 PM, I started seeing a lot of students down the hallway.  I could hear them saying, “110-B–I thought the schedule said 110-C?”  And in answer, “No, the schedule was wrong-we’re 110-B now.”  Meanwhile, I was still alone outside the door to 110-C.  1:28 PM, and I was still by myself at 110-C, so I figured mine must be the class that had switched rooms.

I walked to where the rest of the students were headed.  And before going in the doors, stopped 3 girls that were saying, “But my schedule said it was 110-C. . .”  I said are you going to. . .  [I couldn’t remember the exact title of my course] Speech, umm Disorders?”  And they said, “What class?  mhm mhm [unintelligible] Disorders?”  “Yeah this is it–the schedule was wrong.”

Relieved I had avoided a blunder I squeezed behind a row of students in chairs to sit in the 2nd row middle.  I wanted everyone to know that though I was new and inexperienced, I am very serious about my studies.  A guy sat next to me and asked if I was new here.  And I said this was exactly my second class.  He said, “Oh welcome, we are all grad students.”  I didn’t find it too strange, because at Mizzou I took plenty of classes with grad students–they would just have higher standards, extra projects, and more expectations.

Then, the professor came in.  His power-point said Speech Disorders–was that my class?  I know it was something disorders. . .  The prof looked at me.  I figured, like the other instructor, he saw my face as new.  And he started saying if you got an e-mail don’t worry.  Since I didn’t receive ANY e-mails, I didn’t know if he sent me one or not.  Looking at me, he continued, “We had some confusion about who was supposed to be in the class.”  I started to think maybe I was in the wrong class.  I zipped my backpack in anticipation of a quick exit.    Blah blah so if you don’t belong here. . .  But there was not going to be an easy way out of here.  I was front and center, and there were at least 2 students on either side of me.  I was freaking out!  As soon, as the instructor paused, I grabbed my coat, scarf, notebook, and backpack and said, “Speaking of confusion and being in the wrong place–I think I am.”  While frantically scooting behind the other students.  The other kids snickered and he made some sort of joke. I was mortified.  I said, “I’m sorry” and tried to get to the door as fast as possible, and relishing the laughs, he said, “You’re welcome to stay!”  And I muttered something I don’t remember now and fell out into the hallway, cheeks red.

Could this day get any worse???

First Day–And Everyone Knows Me?!

15 Jan

I got to campus and seated myself among my 79 peers also taking the class.  The instructor walked in the room and immediately said, “I see 3 new faces, let’s do introductions.”   What–whoa.  When I went to Mizzou, I think I had some professors for 4 different classes and they still didn’t know me.  I was largely anonymous during my entire undergrad–especially coming from out-of-state.  Not here.

Everyone was just saying their name.  When it got to me I said my first name, then looked at the student next to me for role to continue on.  The instructor halted the process, emphasizing I was one of the new faces and asking my background.  In front of this entire Speech & Hearing class (that knew each other) I said, “My Bachelor’s Degree is in Animal Science.”  There were some snickers and the prof mentioned how this was a pretty different field.

And then there was some mention of a textbook.  What????  The bookstore’s website said nothing of a book for this class.  I would have to run to the bookstore AFTER class.  So much for being prepared. . .  And she was asking if everyone had received the e-mails.  No, not me.  AND all the students had the notes so they could just follow along with the power-point instead of frantically scribbling as I was.  I was overwhelmed, and under-prepared despite my best efforts prior to class.

After class, the professor caught my eye and I went up to talk to her.  She asked if this was my very first Speech & Hearing course.  It is.  Then she said it was a 300-level class, and was sure I wanted to take it out of sequence?  Well no.  Not anymore. . .

But still, I went to the bookstore after class.  I found my section.  Hmmmm, no book.  So I looked around the perimeters.  Nope, my class did not have a book.  I asked the gal working the counter if there was no book for my class, did that mean the bookstore ran out?  And she said there should be order forms in the section where the book was supposed to be.  I looked again.  No–nothing.  So on my way out, I gave the I-don’t-know hand gesture.  And she said, “Is this for S&H 378?”  Yeah!  Then she continued, “Didn’t you get the e-mail?”  Fuck!  I guess because textbooks are so expensive the instructor had e-mailed everyone the Amazon book link.  So no textbook for me.  Not for awhile.

sinking ship

So I tried to gain access to the course online to get the syllabus and the notes.  My account was blocked. AAHHHH–isn’t anything every easy.  I e-mailed admissions.  They e-mailed back (while I was at work the next day) to just stop by the office.  Oh for God’s sake. . .

So in a class of high difficulty-level let’s look at what I have:  No foundation from earlier courses.  No textbook–or ability to get one for a week.  No syllabus to see class expectations.  No pre-printed notes. Oh, and no lenience to miss any more work then the actual class time–but that story comes a little later.