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Time for the Goals

1 Jan


-floss daily as I had in the past. This should be easy–I just have to stick with it for 26 days until it becomes an ingrained habit. Maybe I’ll mark it on the calender to help myself.

-Go to the YMCA a minimum or 2x/week. Keep writing the numbers from workouts and noting attendance on the calender. In addition, actually sign up for a triathlon so I have more of a timeline.

-And of course, what what a year be if I didn’t hope to drink less.


-get back into the routine of giving weekly massage

-cook together more often


-Do not be so tied to my (veterinary related) job as I have in the past.

-Really take my classes seriously and devote appropriate time to them.


-keep working on paying off school loans, Visa, and oral surgery off a little at a time.

-hold out $100 a month for future moving money

-fill out the FAFSA and tax returns early to get financial help


-As difficult as it is, at least talk online to potential friends. I don’t have to love everything about these friend candidates.

-Let things go at work. So the receptionist is a spoiled bitch who brings drama and is not a team-player–Just disengage. So the 2nd doctor can’t manage her time and has non-existent communication skills. Who cares? I do not have to have these people in my life forever, so I shouldn’t care so much when they act douchy.

-And to the wider world, especially the internet at large–namely other blogs:  ARGUING WITH A FOOL MAKES TWO.  Good advise that I should heed in this new year and beyond.  If I don’t like it, and don’t agree, I don’t need to read it.


1 Jan

Really–I have nothing to hide.  But all the same, it’s super-creepy that someone Googled my full name today and came across my blog.  Especially since that (unknown) person had to go to page 4 of the search results to link to this blog.

Now I’m wondering who it could be.  My parents?  Mary, who I blocked on Fecebook for subscribing to my account?  Someone from work?  Someone from my hometown?  I suppose it could have been any number of people.  And what do I care?

I guess now I just wonder who cares enough to search for my name and give 13 views. . .  I sort of wonder how my full name and blog were tied together in the first place.  This day and age, I’m not surprised it happened, but I don’t remember using my name on here.  I tried to stick to my pseudonym.  And of course, I haven’t given aliases to anyone else in my life.  That will probably come back to bite me in the ass. . .

Oh well, what can you do?  It’s too late to try to make the entire blog anonymous.  People will just have to deal.  And I’ll just enjoy the increasing blog counts.