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My Squaw Cousins

2 Jan

Could kick my ass!  Or be my body guards. . .

Both of the twins are the only girls in the history of their high school (on a notoriously tough reservation) to bench press 200 pounds or more!  I have never met my youngest cousins, but I know they are big girls–apparently mostly muscle.

It makes me glad I didn’t grow up on the reservation where I was born.  I am too petite and light skinned to have done very well.  If my mom (a tribal member) who is very hard-core, but has blue eyes and freckles got beat up by the big Indian girls every day–I would have been toast.  Just try and tell Indians about recessive genes!

Aside from learning about the twins’ incredible record, I learned something about myself/family/tribe.  I suppose my tribe was/is so marginalized that we don’t have a lot of pride.  Res-runner for junk cars, reservation trailer trash for the brightly colored double-wides, and squaw for the round-sh Indian gals were regular phrases we used growing up.  And it’s not just my family–I see the same thing on Facebook pages of my relatives and their friends.  No, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously, but Salish of the Flathead Nation should try to tout the awesome things about home just as much as we disparage the. . .  Um more ghetto aspects.