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Questions About Audiology

3 Jan

At my very first official job shadow (for high school) in a veterinary hospital, we were required to ask a bunch of questions about the career.  At the time, I was a Junior in and had already been volunteering with the former local vet for 6 years.  Also, I had already been observing this new vet for 5-6 months.  So I already kind of knew what questions to ask a veterinarian–as well as a lot of information about the career.

With audiology, I do not have any experience.  I’m not even certain how to gain any (outside of a school program) and so I do not know what questions are appropriate.  And all I know about the career is what I’ve read online.  I’ll certainly have more to add later, but to amend that, here is a list of questions I generated for myself:


-How many years are most audiologists in school?

-Are there any specialties?  What are the requirements?

-what kinds of niches can an audiologist work in?

-What is the most under-served population or area for audiology?  The most popular?

-What is the most under-served location for audiology?  The most popular?

-What technical skills does an audiologist need?

-How much clinical experience do most audiologists have during school and immediately after graduation?


-To get the AuD is there a big board certification test?

-If so, does this have to be taken in every state in order to practice there?

-Do audiologists have continuing education?

-What are the licensing requirements for the AuD?

-What fees are required to keep the AuD current?


-What is the daily routine?

-How many hours does an audiologist work on average?

-Do you ever miss lunches or stay late at the end of the day?

-Are audiologists called in for emergencies of any sort?

-Do audiologists work weekends?  What about holidays?

-How much does an audiologist work with the deaf community?

-how helpful is a knowledge of sign language?

-Does an audiologist need a background in psychology?

-How often do you need to council patient’s suffering emotionally because of their hearing loss?

-do audiologists own their own businesses?

-Are there physical aspects of the job?

-How often are audiologists at a desk and how often do they stand?

-Does audiology require travel to various work locations?

-What is the best aspect of the job?  The most difficult?

-What is the grossest thing encountered?

-Do audiologists have assistants/techs/staff or do they work independently?

-What percent of the time is an audiologist working with patients/clients/the public?


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