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5 Jan

Maybe I’m too high strung for–well, I suppose anything. I guess anything you do whether school, work, a project–anything makes a person a little edgy.  I guess I should be thankful that something is motivating me. . .  The audiology pre-requisite courses begin this next Tuesday. I’m excited, but also super-worried.

Stress 1: I haven’t registered yet!!!! They make non-degree-seeking students wait until the last minute. You need some sort of password. I don’t have the password and do not know where to get it. Also, no one will return my frantic e-mails about it.

Stress 2: The one class I want requires that students have taken this other class (only offered in the fall) first. It shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal. I took organic chem lab before taking the organic chem II lecture. But I’m afraid of talking to a professor I don’t know. I also am not certain if they override pre-reqs here, or what paperwork might be necessary. Lastly, I feel silly attending (a very small) class that I am not legit signed up for. Will I get called out as an impostor? Will the instructor take offense and kick me out and deny my enrollment?

Stress 3: Newness. I don’t know the campus layout, the names of the buildings, the parking situation, or how long it will take me to get from work to class. And of course, work wants me to be off the premises for as short a time as possible.

Stress 4: The work itself. What if I don’t have enough time away from work to properly study? Or what if, on my days off from work, I am too tired to do a good job? Maybe I’ll be really out of my element and confused about the subject matter. Or it’s possible the prof will be all mean, and unorganized, and difficult. I really want to do well! But I’m scared.

So instead of reading ahead in my textbook–that I may or may not even need–I’m trying to distract myself from freaking out. I will try to prepare as much as possible before Tuesday so I can feel better. But lowering my stress level is not easy. . .