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I Make Lists When I’m Stressed

7 Jan

Maybe it soothes my OCD.  Maybe it gives me smaller, more manageable goals.  Maybe I just like crossing items off–however small.  Does anyone else do that?  So with a full-time work schedule and 6 credits beginning on Tuesday, here goes:

This Weekend-

change the stupid, ill-fitting bedding!

finish reading my novel

write Auntie

write Blake back on Facebook

write work a thank you card

file papers away

fold clothes

hang scrubs

put away shoes/boots

grocery shop

cook ahead so I don’t have to during the week

finish the turtle lines and anatomy key

watch the sign language video

learn phonetics!!!  A semester of learning crammed into 1 weekend–goody.

scope out parking situation on campus

buy & pick up a semester parking permit

pay tuition



continue to floss every day

try to do daily crunchies like I used to

study during lunch at work

read a chapter ahead in the textbook

read over the class/text notes daily


TRY, try, try to either go to the gym, or walk the trail, or run the track, twice a week!


cook together

MAKE time to attend office hours–get help & think about the recommendations

So you SEE why I’m nervous/worried/stressed?  OK, to you, it may seem silly to be so worked up over 6 credits.  Honestly, that’s nothing.  During college, I would have WISHED for only 6 credits–and without labs too.  BUT.  But.  But:  It has just been a long time since I’ve been in school, OMG, 4-5 full years?!  I’ve been out of school now for as long as I attended college-yikes.  I hope once I begin classes (in a subject matter completely new to me) that I’ll settle into a routine.  And at least there are no time-consuming labs–thank you audiology for that.  Hopefully, I’m not getting in over my head.  Wish me luck.  And productivity!