Re-Prioritize–As a Euphemism

9 Jan

I have to say, this was one of my most productive weekends.  Usually I’m just done the second half of Saturday.  Working in the morning, even for just a few hours, saps all my energy.  I got 10 things checked off the to-do list.  And the things I didn’t finish?  Well, to make myself feel better–I deemed them unimportant.

This Weekend-

-change the stupid, ill-fitting bedding!  Did it.  And now I can sleep–thank goodness.

-finish reading (the entire second half of) my novel–Done!  And I will by writing another blog on how negligent pretty much everyone was in Jaycee Lee Dugard’s situation.  Infuriating!

-write Auntie–done.  Not mailed yet, but that’s the easy part.

-write Blake back on Facebook.  Done.  And Keith too, for that matter.  No one else write me.  For a semester. . .

-write work a thank you card.  Done.  And I will deliver it this morning.

-file papers away–did it.  And what a mess that was.  I also made a new folder entitled “Riverpoint.”

-fold clothes & hang scrubs–yes.  And what was I wearing before?  It seems like everything I own was waiting to get folded and put away.

-put away shoes/boots–this got crossed off.  I KIND of accomplished it.  To really do the task justice, I need a bigger closet. . .

-grocery shop–Got amazing bargains at the Grocery Outlet!  It was pretty painless.  Maybe I won’t put it off in the future???  Maybe.

-cook ahead so I don’t have to during the week–Well, if making 2 simultaneous pizzas count.  I’ll do it next week.

-finish the turtle lines and anatomy key–Um, no.  I found out in a hurry that I have been procrastinating on this task b/c it sucks.  All those long words that spell check doesn’t recognize. . .  This one might not get finished until NEXT year.  Maybe I can bribe Cool who can type much faster to help me.

-scope out parking situation on campus–Accomplished.  Twice.  I may have to shell out more money than I originally anticipated for a better parking permit.  The red zone in the back boonies really sucks.  I need to crunch the numbers this next week.

-pay tuition–I will get to this.  Maybe I’ll just do it while I’m on campus this next week.  Since their dumb internet doesn’t accept visa or debit cards–what???

And today, after work–because I cannot put it off ANY longer–I will get my hair cut.  I HAVE TO!


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