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I’m Supposed to Be. . .

14 Jan

Studying my consonant chart.  Because as was mentioned on my to-do list, I need to know an entire semester of phonetics for one of the classes I’m taking.  I will definitely switch from posting daily to 3-4 times a week.  Here’s the prequel to my first day of school:

The first day of school, was, well, unnerving.  It started out with me going to work at Cat’s Meow.  I was wearing my Lucky jeans in honor of the first day of school instead of the usual scrubs.  I guess just dressing in street clothes makes you a little less–“in the game” when it comes to teching.

Someone scheduled a tech appointment.  And in Seattle, we always had back to back tech appointments all day everyday.  BUT, at a tiny, one doctor (at a time) vet hospital, I’m very uncomfortable with tech appointments.  Firstly, the clients are accustomed to seeing the vets every time they come in–whereas in Seattle, they were trained that they would see the vet for big stuff and knew techs were going to do everything else.  Aside from different client expectations, you just never know what will walk in the door.  I’ve had a nail trim turn into full blown workup and blood-work, because I noticed the little cat was screaming hyperthyroidism.  But what if I wasn’t more familiar with the disease’s symptoms?  And there are TONS of diseases I would not recognize!  No matter how good the tech, or what qualifications we have–we aren’t vets.

Anyway, someone scheduled a booster shot and I tried to put my fears aside and be a big girl.  I had every intention of taking some vitals, sticking the cat, and sending the owner out the door without seeing the doctor.  But, the cat fussed and the vet came in.  Of course (per the usual) the owner’s story changed.  It went from no concerns, cat is doing fine to–well she urinates an awful lot.  This prompted the vet to palpate the belly and kidneys (something as a non-vet I haven’t been trained to do) and found a huge mass!  I would have (and almost did) missed it.

The kitten was non-complaint.  The blood draw seemed to take forever and frustrated everyone.  Turns out x-rays confirmed the kidneys went the length of the entire abdomen, and when aspirated brought out a beer-colored fluid.  So to say the least this threw my morning off–before I ever made it to campus.

I’ll tell you about actual school in the next post.