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First Day–And Everyone Knows Me?!

15 Jan

I got to campus and seated myself among my 79 peers also taking the class.  The instructor walked in the room and immediately said, “I see 3 new faces, let’s do introductions.”   What–whoa.  When I went to Mizzou, I think I had some professors for 4 different classes and they still didn’t know me.  I was largely anonymous during my entire undergrad–especially coming from out-of-state.  Not here.

Everyone was just saying their name.  When it got to me I said my first name, then looked at the student next to me for role to continue on.  The instructor halted the process, emphasizing I was one of the new faces and asking my background.  In front of this entire Speech & Hearing class (that knew each other) I said, “My Bachelor’s Degree is in Animal Science.”  There were some snickers and the prof mentioned how this was a pretty different field.

And then there was some mention of a textbook.  What????  The bookstore’s website said nothing of a book for this class.  I would have to run to the bookstore AFTER class.  So much for being prepared. . .  And she was asking if everyone had received the e-mails.  No, not me.  AND all the students had the notes so they could just follow along with the power-point instead of frantically scribbling as I was.  I was overwhelmed, and under-prepared despite my best efforts prior to class.

After class, the professor caught my eye and I went up to talk to her.  She asked if this was my very first Speech & Hearing course.  It is.  Then she said it was a 300-level class, and was sure I wanted to take it out of sequence?  Well no.  Not anymore. . .

But still, I went to the bookstore after class.  I found my section.  Hmmmm, no book.  So I looked around the perimeters.  Nope, my class did not have a book.  I asked the gal working the counter if there was no book for my class, did that mean the bookstore ran out?  And she said there should be order forms in the section where the book was supposed to be.  I looked again.  No–nothing.  So on my way out, I gave the I-don’t-know hand gesture.  And she said, “Is this for S&H 378?”  Yeah!  Then she continued, “Didn’t you get the e-mail?”  Fuck!  I guess because textbooks are so expensive the instructor had e-mailed everyone the Amazon book link.  So no textbook for me.  Not for awhile.

sinking ship

So I tried to gain access to the course online to get the syllabus and the notes.  My account was blocked. AAHHHH–isn’t anything every easy.  I e-mailed admissions.  They e-mailed back (while I was at work the next day) to just stop by the office.  Oh for God’s sake. . .

So in a class of high difficulty-level let’s look at what I have:  No foundation from earlier courses.  No textbook–or ability to get one for a week.  No syllabus to see class expectations.  No pre-printed notes. Oh, and no lenience to miss any more work then the actual class time–but that story comes a little later.