What. The. FUCK.

19 Jan

It has been snowing constantly for the last 2 days.  Does that mean Cool doesn’t have to go to work?  Noooooo.  Does that mean the University shuts down?  Nooooooo.  Does that mean the vet hospital is closed?  Nooooooooo.  Why the hell does the weather service even announce a winter weather advisory or severe winter weather if it means nothing?  It’s business as usual here.

I was checking the University’s Emergency update website fully expecting they would shut campus down because of the snow.  Yesterday was 2-7 inches and today 2-4 more.  Nope, they even wrote that conditions were “treacherous” but just said to drive carefully–they were plowing the sidewalks and parking lots.  So because I had a quiz today I studied all morning.  Then I braved the crazy weather and crazier roads to get to class.  No one else showed up.

I figured I had somehow missed the e-mail so I fired off a disgruntled letter to administration when I finally made it back home safely.  Nope, they just hadn’t sent me the message that ALL other Juniors and Seniors in the program got.  Fuck you too.

Then, I was supposed to pick up Cool from work.  But she’s way out in the boonies, down remote highways, and up snow-covered hills and such.  And this amount of snow isn’t safe even for 4 wheel drive.  So I had to call her a taxi.  Which costs a bunch of money.

And tomorrow?  My work isn’t closing down–even though the vet lives way the eff out in the crazy boonies that was difficult to get to in summer.  And who is going to drive around with their cat when roads are this insane???  And will there be enough business to warrant 3 employees???  Also, Cool has to show up (on time) for her temp job or she will be fired.  So I am somehow supposed to drive her to work AND get to mine on time.  We better leave now if we’re going to make it.

Fuck this American-work no matter what-mentality!


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